6′ & 8′ Precast Concrete Walls

The perfect addition to your community or Homeowner's Association.

precast concrete walls

Permacast’s Precast Concrete Walls are available in 6 foot and 8 foot panel height options. Both options are a great solution for enclosing communities, HOA or Homeowner’s Associations, or commercial sites. The Permacast Precast Concrete Wall is available in brick, sand stucco,  and stacked stone finishes.

The 6 foot Precast Concrete Wall

Many municipalities around the country have special restrictions, limiting the height of a privacy wall. For this reason, our 6 foot tall option is very popular. The 6 foot precast concrete wall is also a great solution to preserve landscaping. Because of its height and weight, it is easy to install in places with limited space. In addition, the 6 foot precast concrete wall is Permacast’s most affordable option. This precast concrete wall has been installed around churches, schools, homeowner’s associations, and mobile home parks.

The 8 foot Precast Concrete Wall

The 8 foot panel height is a great solution for communities with municipalities that do not have any restrictions on height. While the 6 foot product is still a great sound barrier, the 8 foot precast concrete wall provides additional sound protection. In areas next to a busy highway, the 8 foot option provides wonderful sound protection, muffling any road noise. For homeowner’s associations looking for a noise reduction solution, the 8 foot precast concrete wall provides security and sound protection. For situations with high security requirements, the 8 foot precast concrete wall is provides a solid barrier for noise and unwanted intrusion. The Permacast 8 foot precast concrete wall has been installed around restricted commercial facilities such as water treatment plants, power plants, and metal recycling facilities.

Both 6 foot and 8 foot precast concrete wall products are the best solution for situations requiring a long life span, greatly surpassing that of a wood fence, vinyl fence, or chainlink fence. Concrete actually hardens and strengthens over time, thus a 100 year lifespan is easily achievable.

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