Avoid HOA Friday The 13th Budget Nightmares

Avoid HOA Friday The 13th Budget Nightmares

The purpose of a homeowners’ association (HOA) was originally to facilitate neighborhood maintenance and provide a consistent housing product to help developers sell homes and retain property values.

PermaFence – Most Popular Fence For HOAs

The issues of community maintenance have no end. But when it comes to HOA’s common area budgets, that’s where superior concrete products can substantially reduce neighborhood drama. If your community is in the market for a new fence that is built to last up to 100 years and can resist hurricane-force winds, then you should consider the most popular fence for HOAs.

Keep Your Residents Happy

Constantly replacing vinyl or wood landscaping retaining walls or fencing will certainly increase the HOA fees for the entire neighborhood. The cost of materials and labor can make those block parties awkward, “Did you hear our fees have gone up again!?!”

Durable, Affordable Solutions

Innovative precast technology makes PermaFence concrete walls the solution to HOA Friday the 13th budget nightmares. Look like a rock star if you’re on the board by suggesting to replace the inferior materials of your common areas with Permacast concrete products.

What You Need To Know

Moreover, the cost of fence maintenance will be a re-occurring line item on the budget with the use of inferior vinyl and wood products which will generate frantic texting of frowny face emoji’s between neighbors.

Rarely do homeowners’ association tales of woe have a happy ending. If you build a tree house (for your adventuresome son) against HOA rules, you will likely be found in the doghouse. Installing concrete products that last the test of time will help you keep the peace in your neighborhood.

Save Money and Time

If you do the job right the first time with Permacast products, you will be good stewards of the board’s budget and avoid potential problems. Keep Halloween only on October 31st.  Skip the drama year-round.


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