Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing | FAQ

Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing | FAQ

Q: How much does your precast concrete fencing cost?

A: There are a few factors that go into pricing each project (wall/fence height, total linear feet, layout, location and access/ease of installation).  Because each project is different it’s impossible to have a set price that works for every project.  Once we get the details of your project we’ll be able to do the math and get an accurate price back to you quickly.

Q: How wide are your panels?

A: With our PermaWall System, from the center of one column to the center of the next column is 10′.  With our PermaFence system, from the center of one column to the center of the next column is 5′.

Q: What finish options do you have?

A: Our PermaWall System is available in PermaSand, PermaStone and PermaBrick finishes. Our PermaFence System is currently available in PermaWood finish and the PermaStone finish will be coming soon.

Q: What’s the price difference between the finishes?

A: With our PermaWall System, the PermaSand finish is the lowest priced followed by PermaStone and PermaBrick. However, there is usually only a $5-$6 price difference per linear foot between any of the finish options, making any of them an option for most budgets.  The PermaStone and PermaBrick finishes are thicker and heavier requiring slightly larger footers therefore making shipping costs slightly higher. Overall, PermaFence is our most cost effective product which is usually $12-$15 cheaper per linear foot than our PermaSand wall.

Q: How long does it take to install?

A: The installation time depends on site access and the degree of difficulty of the digging.  If we have good access and don’t encounter any obstacles when digging (utilities, water table, large rocks, etc.) then we can easily install up to 1,000 linear feet per week.

Q: Can I do the installation myself?

A: It almost never makes sense for anyone else besides us to install our products.  Although the installation process isn’t difficult, there is a “learning curve” and in order to have the precast concrete fencing look its best, special actions and steps need to be taken.  We have a specially trained crew, proper equipment and tools making it much more cost efficient and quicker for us to do the installation.

Q:  Do you need a permit?

A: Yes. Our precast concrete fencing system is specifically engineered for your project.  It will need to be permitted in order for the building department and inspectors in your area to confirm that our wall is installed with proper engineering and wind load requirements in place.

Q: What’s your lead time to start the installation?

A: The exact lead time will depend on how many projects we have contracted ahead of yours at your contract effective date.  In general, it is 6-8 weeks, but sometimes we’re able to get in sooner than that.

Q: Do you do residential jobs?

A: We do, but depending on the size of the project and what kind of access we have, our wall/fence may not be the best fit.  If it is a small job where access is difficult, then we may not be able to keep the price low enough to make our precast concrete fencing a realistic option.  Regardless of the size of the project, we still have to mobilize our crew, equipment and tools to your site. Therefore, if your project is less than 500 linear feet, it is hard to provide you with competitive pricing.

Q: Can I paint the wall/fence myself?

A: Yes, but it may not be cost effective for you to do so.  We use a large, efficient paint company who uses Sherwin-Williams paint that is specifically designed for precast concrete fencing.  We will provide a line item price for us to paint the wall, but you do have the option to do so yourself.

Q: Can you repair my current wall or fence?

Permacast’s design and components are unique and are not compatible with other systems.  Therefore, we can’t offer repairs to other wall or fencing systems.

Q: Do you match prices?

A:  We almost never have to.  We’ve developed and engineered our wall system to be very efficiently fabricated and installed with the lowest overhead possible.  Because of this, we’re able to price our walls/fences lower than our competitors on most projects in Florida.  Also, keep in mind that not all precast concrete fencing systems are created equal.  If you’ve gotten a price lower than ours, take a very close look at what the other company is offering you to make sure it’s what you actually want.  Ultimately, if you do have a proposal for a comparable wall system that’s priced lower than ours, provide us with the quote and chances are we can beat their price.

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