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A Brief History of Reinforced Structural Design

When it comes to durability, Permacast has created a product that can withstand nearly anything.  Part of what contributes to the strength of our walls and concrete fence panels is the reinforcement system mixed into the concrete.  Our precast concrete is reinforced with Forta Ferro fibers.  

Reinforcement of Walls and Concrete Fence Panels Throughout History


The practice of structural reinforcement is one that has been around for centuries.  In fact, reinforced structures can be traced back to the beginning of history as we know it.  Adobe bricks were reinforced with straw, sticks and branches.

The ancient Egyptians used straws and mud to strengthen bricks.  They would then sun dry the bricks.  These bricks were used to build homes, structures, and even markers.  Horsehair was also used for reinforcement of mud bricks in history.

This practice lasted for many years before modern versions emerged.  In fact, the theory behind asbestos was based on fiber reinforcement.  After a while, asbestos was found to be unsafe to live with.  The need for a more advanced alternative emerged.

In the 1970s, steel fiber reinforcement was developed. Steel was a strong component and worked well for reinforcement.  Too strong, since the steel poked through and caused damage to the other materials.  

Synthetic fibers were developed, and now they are stronger than ever.  Forta Ferro led the industry and developed an advanced process that created synthetic fibers that are stronger than ever before.  So strong that they are able to reinforce concrete structure.  The fibers are mixed with the concrete in a way that provides even distribution and maximum durability.  

Part of what sets Forta Ferro fibers apart is the ability to mix evenly with concrete.  Other brands have not advanced as fully.  With Forta Ferro, the fibers are distributed throughout the concrete.  The makeup that Forta Ferro uses for their fibers is very important.  Without it, issues arise like clumping and uneven distribution.  This causes varying strength throughout the structure, making it vulnerable where there are less fibers.

This vulnerability can show itself in many forms.  Bad weather can cause products reinforced with inferior fibers to be torn apart.  Time can create cracks and crumbling in these products.  They also respond more severely to structural damage and trauma.

At Permacast, we use Forta Ferro Fibers to reinforce our precast concrete fence panels and walls.  This ensures that we are providing a product that is resistant to elemental or physical destruction.  It is also resistant to time based deterioration.  Your Permacast wall will last longer than a lifetime due to this advanced development.