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School’s In Session At Precast University


If you want to know more about precast after reading our blogs, it may be time to consider the Master Precaster program with the NPCA’s Precast University.

Yes, you too can become an expert in one of the most compelling and highly-utilized materials to come around in a long time. So what does a Master’s track at PU entail? Well, it will build upon the core knowledge you already have and help you advance to the next level within the industry. You’ll be immersed in learning about some of the most important considerations related to precast, including safety concerns, quality control and the production cycle. There are even courses devoted to the subject of leadership, addressing skills specific to managing precast projects and plants.

Every class has been developed with the help of industry experts as well as academics within the field. The subject tracks appeal to a variety of interest levels, from those who are just starting out in the industry to seasoned employees who are seeking to further refine their expertise. It’s a flexible instructional format too, taking place online and via webinars, with an eye to consolidating hours into just a few sessions. This means you can continue to actively build your career in the field on a day-to-day basis with real world experience while pursuing your education at the same time.

As precast’s applications continue to expand, being as knowledgeable as possible about this desirable material will help you stay ahead of the game. Get your foot in this door.