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2018’s Major Landscaping Trends

There are several key trends in landscaping that should be on the radar of HOA boards and community managers now, especially as they look to update and prepare their properties for the season. It’s a great time to improve the existing landscape by making repairs and adding in new features that can enhance the outdoor experience for residents.

Designed By Tech

It should come as no surprise that technology has had a significant impact in how landscapes are devised. Now, your community’s environment may have been designed by 3D modeling and the use of drones. Tech will continue to influence how large projects like the kind that include the use of precast concrete walls is carried out. The same goes for maintaining that landscape, too, as tech improves upon everything from irrigation to lighting.

Designed For An Experience

Outdoor living is bigger and better than ever–or at least the expectation is. People want to have an experience outdoors that keeps them in it longer, enjoying some of the things that they would typically enjoy indoors. Meditation areas and serenity gardens are a good example of the trend to creating specific spaces to unwind and connect with nature. Look for sites to build in customized areas that cater to hobbies and pastimes, too; shared outdoor kitchens and dining areas are now polished, sophisticated spaces in which to cook and entertain. Even the paths you take around the grounds are getting an experiential upgrade, with unique new lighting features and audio-visual elements designed right into it. Even our furriest friends are getting an upgraded experience: it’s called “dogscaping.”

Designing Smart 

There’s a lot of interest in using native plants in large-scale landscaping efforts, and for good reason. Native products are naturally engineered to stand up to the climate they’re in, cutting down on maintenance and waste costs. By the same token, designers are employing eco-friendly watering practices and using low-water plants in their landscapes. Designing mindfully, with awareness of climate and environment, is not a new concept, but landscape artists are taking it in unique directions lately. Pergolas and canopies are being constructed with temp resistant materials, gardens are filled with pollinator flowers, and the native wildlife are getting dedicated safe spaces.