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5 Reasons to Choose a Concrete Perimeter Wall

You have a beautifully-designed neighborhood that will attract all the right families and neighbors. You know there’s a call for safety, privacy and low cost among the priorities in this project. You’re looking to choose materials and products that are hassle-free and low maintenance. Plus, you want your final design to look great! So when it comes to choosing your perimeter wall, there’s really only one clear choice. To achieve all of these goals and more, look no further than Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls for the perimeter walls on your next big project. You’ll love the versatility and ease of use our products provide. And your customers will love the look of such a high-quality design. Take a look at what makes a concrete perimeter wall your best choice in your next project.

Privacy & Noise Reduction

Permacast’s concrete perimeter walls provide the privacy your stakeholders are seeking. Since our walls can be customized, we can guarantee the specifications for height and thickness will be met. Plus, thick concrete walls naturally reduce noise pollution and create a sanctuary of peace and quiet for the homeowners within your walls. Include concrete perimeter walls for an overall sense of serenity, privacy, and quiet. 

Privacy Perimeter Wall

Privacy Perimeter Wall


Concrete perimeter walls don’t just create a sense of safety… they are actually safer than the alternative. Secure enough to withstand hurricane-strength winds, these durable concrete panels make a great barrier from weather and other naturally-occurring disasters. Plus, their height and thickness are a deterrent from potential break-ins or criminal activity. Give your community the safety and peace of mind they deserve with Permacast Concrete Walls at your perimeter. 

perimeter wall

Security and Safety

Low Maintenance & Easy Install

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to install Permacast Concrete Walls. Because the materials are precast in-house, they come to the construction site ready to be installed. This means weather and other environmental factors don’t affect our ability to meet schedules and finish the job on time. Plus, since the perimeter walls are made in a factory setting from molds, we are able to guarantee their size, durability, and readiness on every project. Take a look here at how simple and precise our installation process is. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

A concrete perimeter wall does not have to look like a concrete wall. Our precast concrete can be mixed with any color, poured into any shape using our customized molds, and designed with your specific look in mind. The result is clean lines, elegant style and modern appeal that your community and stakeholders will love.

Permacast precast concrete fence - Permawall

Aesthetically-Pleasing Perimeter Concrete Wall


Since the process for creating a precast concrete wall is so straight-forward, there is very little wasted material. We can also project the amount of time a project will take and stick to that projection since the machines used are housed in our warehouse. Once installed, our walls are easy to maintain and long-lasting, making the entire process the most cost-effective choice for your community’s perimeter walls.

Precast Concrete Wall Installation

When you’re looking for the right perimeter for your next housing development or commercial building, a concrete perimeter wall is your best option. Efficient, economical and aesthetically-pleasing, the options are endless but the choice is clear. To learn more about Permacast Precast Concrete Walls & Fences, talk to one of our professionals, or sign up for a Lunch & Learn session. Bring your next project, ask questions, and share your ideas. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results.