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The design and development of the affordable Permacast Concrete Fence.

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The development of Permacast Concrete Fence

It began in 2006. A space was discovered in the market for concrete fences. Attractive, strong models existed, but not at an affordable price. The founders of Permacast began digging. Extensive research of every product in the industry began, examining all facets, from creation to installation. With that, an idea was born: an attractive, strong, durable concrete fence that was affordable, especially when purchased in large scales.

The developers of the Permacast Concrete Fence system performed intricate research through trial and error of all aspects of the design. It was soon concluded that the ability of the concrete fence to be affordable layed in the production process. Vertical casting molds were created, forming a design that allowed the concrete fence to be light enough to be shipped affordably yet extremely strong and durable. In addition, this design would enable the Permacast concrete fence to be installed with light-duty equipment, therefore drastically decreasing installation costs. No big cranes or heavy-duty machinery is needed to install the Permacast concrete fence- simply a Bobcat skid-steer will do.

Today, Permacast Concrete Fence stands as the most durable, efficient, and affordable concrete fence in the market. With the brand growing rapidly, the research and design team has several new products in the development phase which will use the Permacast technology to build other affordable precast products.

The years of research, trial and error, and implementation of innovative ideas and technologies makes Permacast an unparalleled rival to any competitor in the market. Permacast’s concrete fences are the perfect combination of durability, affordability, and attractiveness. There really is no product like it.