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Aestheticism & Precast Concrete

By now, you already know how amazing precast concrete can be. Besides being cost-efficient, durable, and weather and soundproof, precast concrete is also a more accurate, long-lasting and eco-friendly option for concrete walls and fencing. But choosing a design for your HOA’s concrete walls and fencing will more than likely include other factors. For instance, your residents will care about the look of your community, and your concrete wall or fence is the first- if not only- impression your community makes to passers-by. This is why the professionals at Permacast Walls care about the vast array of options when it comes to aesthetics within precast concrete. And what are those options? Actually, they’re as vast as your imagination and we’re here to help you find the right look for your next project. 

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Precast concrete does not need to remain a boring shade of gray any longer. Thanks to the ability to combine materials like aggregates and pigments, we’re able to produce precast concrete in a variety of different colors. Much like blending the three basic primary colors to create any other color, mixers combine the four basic elements of precast concrete- cement, pigment, aggregate, and matrix- to create different shades. Each element brings its own natural strength to the mix, so adjusting amounts and strengths of each element allow us to adjust shades and colors to your liking. Having a basic understanding of these principles coupled with the use of high-quality, consistent materials and procedures is key to creating the look you want each and every time. The product can also be painted to support your community or company branding or look. This process will take place while the wall is being completed. You can call the speak any of our sales team members for pricing, colors, capabilities and so much more.


The combination of concrete and water makes the paste, which can be varied according to the amount of pigment added or water used. During the hydration process, adding more water will lighten the overall color, while adding less will result in deeper hues. In a paste-dominant mix, the look of the overall finished product will be determined by the paste used.


Aggregates like sand and stone can also comprise a significant element in creating the right look. The region where your aggregate is found will play a role in the overall look of your design. So, choosing something from your regional surroundings will give your project a comforting, local feel. On the other hand, choosing something from another region of the country or even the world can lend an exotic ambiance to your design. Varying the coarseness of your aggregate is also an option. Limestone, quartz, marble, granite and silica are all going to lend their own rich texture and color to the mix. Beyond the origin of your aggregate, the amount we mix into your blend will help determine the color and look of your finished project. The more aggregate in the mix, the deeper the exposure, more color stability and richer the influence of aggregate color on the overall look. 


Because precast concrete is exactly that- cast before building- we can use any mold to create a desired effect. Specialized molds can be reused for a consistent look across your concrete wall or fence, giving it a beautiful uniformity and accuracy every time. The quality of the mold used will determine the accuracy and consistency of your look, so be sure to work with mold designers with a solid reputation for quality materials and procedures. We at Permacast Walls know that your precast concrete wall or fence is your company’s first impression. Beyond its durability and reliability, we want to present beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing work to the world. Show them that your project is about so much more than a building- it’s about building community, comfort, and security. For more information about how to add color, style, and design to your next project, talk to the professionals at Permacast Walls, or join us for one of our Lunch and Learn sessions. We’ll be glad to discuss your upcoming project and help you determine the right look for you.