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affordable precast concrete fencing

Precast Concrete is the Affordable Choice

Permacast precast concrete fences and products have many benefits, including noise reduction capabilities, durability, and strength.  Most importantly, Permacast is able to offer the product at a great value for consumers.  This makes our product a valuable and affordable precast concrete fencing choice for commercial properties, gated communities, and other areas.

Affordable Precast Concrete Fencing is the Solution to Your Security and Privacy Issues

Permacast Can Withstand the Weather

Longevity is one of the main factors that makes this product affordable.  Permacast concrete fencing or privacy walls are weather resistant and can handle strong winds, moisture, and constant sun.  It is able to withstand extreme heat or cold on a consistent basis.  Permacast walls do not rot, so they do not need to be replaced or rep red, and have even been known to withstand winds up to 250 mph easily and without any damage.

Permacast Doesn’t Break

Unlike brick, precast concrete doesn’t separate or crumble.   Permacast precast concrete fences are reinforced with a strong fiber system.  This means that they do not crumble- even at the rate of traditionally poured concrete.  Concrete, as a material, is known to harden over time, which actually increases the durability and sustainability of this product. Precast concrete can easily maintain for a hundred years.  Without the need for repair, maintenance, and restructuring, the costs of keeping this product are nearly nonexistent under most circumstances.

Ready at the Time of Installation

There is little additional cosmetic work to be done to Permacast fences.  Since the PermaFence is made from colored concrete, it does not need to be painted, which can save you a great deal of money.  For the Permacast walls, we use a professional paint company that uses paint specifically designed for products like ours, and therefore is long lasting and low maintenance.  Generally, this is an extremely cost effective option because it lasts much longer than the average paint job.

Standing Strong Against Competition

Price comparison will also reveal that the Permacast walls and fences are very competitive.  After much research, the Permacast team managed to come up with a lower price for a superior product.  The quality of our product is indisputable, and we almost always have a more affordable price than other products in our class.

There are many ways that Permacast can be considered the affordable solution, but the end result is a quality product that provides one time installation and little to no maintenance in the years to come. 


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