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Concrete Precast Fence

Benefits of a Precast Concrete Fence

When it comes to building the most durable, secure, and affordable wall or fence around your property, precast concrete beats wood, brick, and metal every time. The investment of a precast concrete wall is sure to save you money on repairs, replacements, and maintenance costs throughout the years. Between severe weather and environmental factors, not to mention intruders, most wooden, metal, and brick walls and fences need to be updated every few months or even rebuilt every few years. Fortunately, Permacast has developed a solution for these kinds of structures that is more cost-effective, sustainable, and worry-free with their precast concrete technology and production process.

Gray brick concrete wall

Precast Concrete Fence Finishes

Permacast offers a variety of customizable products from PermaFences to PermaWalls. Since each product is poured and solidified into its heavy-duty and long-lasting form, you can be sure that your precast concrete fence or wall is able to withstand wind speeds up to 250 mph, moisture, blistering sun, dense snow, and dangerous ice. Through an intensive production process, Permacast products are composed of rebar reinforced with 5,000 psi strength that can last up to 100 years. In addition to its premiere strength, here at Permacast, we pride ourselves on installing products that are eye-catching and seamlessly fit into your property’s landscape. Take a look at a few popular concrete finishes of PermaWalls you can choose from. 

  1. PermaSand/Sandstone Texture – This classic, uniform stucco finish can easily fit into the surrounding environment and match existing buildings. Since this material is poured to create its solid form, instead of applied to existing concrete-like traditional stucco, the risk of fungus and mold development due to moisture infiltration is eliminated entirely. 
  2. PermaStone/Square or Stacked Stone Texture – A more affordable and durable material compared to traditional dry stone, PermaStone offers a beautiful and authentic hand-stacked stone wall look. While aesthetically pleasing, this wall finish provides a long-term solution to enclosing housing developments or other properties that will benefit from this classic and clean design.  
  3. PermaBrick/Brick Texture – If a rustic or aged brick look is what you are after, the PermaBrick finish can be modified to, quite literally, fit the mold. With the timeless look and feel of traditional brick walls, this finish is stronger, more durable, cost-effective, and easier to install.

Snow covered concrete wall

Precast Concrete Fence Durability

In addition to the aforementioned durability of PermaWalls and PermaFences, these precast concrete structures are particularly important in regions, like Florida, that experience intense weather, such as hurricanes, high summer temperatures, or severe winter weather.  Over time, Permacast walls will not only withstand the tests of their environment and Mother Nature but can continue to harden and increase their strength year after year.

Construction workers installing a concrete wall

Precast Concrete Fence Installation

Permacast walls and fences are specifically engineered to slide into one another, making it easy to install in a shorter amount of time. This means that the need for heavy and expensive machinery is unnecessary as our expert team of trained professionals install your Permacast products with minimal equipment. The timeline for installation is also positively affected as our crew has the ability to install approximately 1,000 linear feet of precast concrete walls and fences per week. In addition, this design allows you to seamlessly extend your Permacast concrete wall or fence down the road if need be.

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