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The Best Concrete Gifts For The Holidays

It’s the gift guide you’ve been waiting for, the one for that person in your life who LOVES concrete!

Okay, so concrete has become a pretty hot material these days, and it’s likely that everyone on your list would enjoy a piece of the cool, industrial-looking stuff. Fortunately, designers, artisans and innovators have begun mixing concrete for purposes that have nothing to do with walls, sidewalks or barriers; instead, they’re using it to whip up fun sculptures, paperweights and other gift goodies that really show off the material’s unique character.

Check out our Top Ten concrete gifts below and get your Santa on.

  1. Planters, vessels, containers, what have you. All we know is that fresh, vibrant green looks amazing going against the urban grain of concrete.
  2. A candle is the epitome of warmth, romance and coziness, which is why it looks so much more interesting when it glows from a contrasting concrete holder.
  3. What could be a more enduring substance for that most timeless of games, chess? Concrete that’s what.
  4. Bring a little gravity to your co-worker’s desk, and grab this concrete sculpture while you can.
  5. Coasters make a fabulous gift for your holiday host and shows off our favorite material.
  6. Give a concrete-bottomed terrarium. It’s something that will grow with your recipient (check in on their progress next year!).
  7. This pen tray and desktop organizer is hands-down the best gift for your boss.
  8. Shine a light on the incredible texture and pattern of concrete: give a lamp.
  9. Spread the Zen by offering your besties a unique concrete incense holder.
  10. Permacast products. Need we say more?