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Concrete Is Concrete Or Is It?

Saying the words innovations and concrete in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron. Concrete is after all just composite material composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with fluid cement that hardens over time. However, companies that pay attention to emerging trends realize that to stay on top of their game, it’s critical to invest in new technologies for the best concrete wall.

Trends Changing the Concrete Industry

For precast concrete panels, some technologies that are coming down the pike include translucent concrete. This technology involves optical fibers which allow see-through concrete in an attractive opaque translucent design.

Other technologies changing the building process include self-consolidating concrete which allows the creation of a smooth surface finish without mix segregation and the need for mechanical consolidation. For the layperson, this just means more efficient and attractive concrete surfaces.

Sometimes you want your concrete strong, really strong. Reactive powder concrete is very durable and results in uber strong concrete without the use of coarse aggregates. This technology can take advantage of steel and synthetic fibers to add to its tensile strength.

Beautiful, Sustainable Products

In addition to advancing technologies in strength, there are new trends in manufacturing including decorative concrete. Whoever thought concrete could be sexy? But imagine creating attractive landscapes with coloring agents and admixtures. This isn’t your grandpa’s concrete anymore.

Companies like Permacast invest in new technologies to deliver the strongest concrete and cement based products by investing in R&D. Technology is great but you also need efficiency. Permacast also is focused on reducing labor and equipment costs through the various phases of construction. Creating precast panels efficiently and affordably is key.

Environmentally Safe Natural Materials

Being green is a buzzword that is often overused. However, Permacast works diligently to avoid materials that ultimately find themselves in landfills. Precast focuses on environmentally safe, natural materials to encourage conservation. Moreover, replacement of panels rather than total replacement also significantly cuts down on waste. Is concrete just concrete, or is it something better?


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