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Bringing Stucco and Precast Concrete Together

The use of stucco is as old as the use of concrete in building materials. Both add structure and texture to any wall or building. While the process of creating stucco and concrete are similar, the purpose and results are quite different. However, when stucco is added to the durability of a foundation like precast concrete, the possibilities are innumerable. That’s why Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls brings their knowledge of precast concrete together with stucco finishes for a fantastic and enduring final product. 

History of Stucco

As two of the oldest building materials known to man, stucco and concrete go together naturally. In Ancient Rome, stucco was used on interior walls as well as exterior to create any number of decorative designs. We see it now more often on the exterior of Mediterranean-style homes and buildings, lending decorative touches and reinforcing the underlying supportive materials. Though on its own stucco does not provide the stability of concrete, it certainly puts a beautiful finish on any structure. The ability to work with both compounds has grown and evolved over time, making them even more reliable than ever. 

Difference Between Concrete and Stucco

The main difference between stucco and concrete is their abilities to last on their own. Concrete can stand along when mixed and poured properly. The secret to concrete’s strength is the rock included in the aggregate. Stucco is created to be more breathable than concrete, allowing trapped water to evaporate, thus reducing rot and mold. But stucco is truly a finish, necessitating a strong surface upon which it can be spread or sprayed when in paste form. 

Working with Precast Concrete and Stucco

So, when stucco and precast concrete come together in one project, the results are amazing. Precast concrete provides the full strength of traditional concrete at a fraction of the cost. When stucco is applied to the exterior for aesthetic design, the resulting strength reinforces the already-strong concrete. Combining precast concrete and stucco not only looks amazing, but it also stands the test of time and provides a security that’s unbeatable.

Whether you’re seeking to reduce costs, strengthen your concrete walls and fences, streamline your building process, or make a beautiful presentation, Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls will suit your needs. Talk to our professionals about your next project and let us show you what we’re made of. You won’t be disappointed.