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Why Should We Choose Precast Fences?

Choosing a material and design to meet your construction needs is not always an easy task, but at Permacast Precast Fencing & Walls, we try to simplify the decision. One of our most amazing products, which is not always spotlighted but maybe should be, is our line of precast concrete fencing options. Our precast concrete walls are astounding, truly. However, we think our precast concrete fences have a lot to offer, too, and might actually offer an affordable, flexible solution to meet your construction needs. 

First, Permacast Precast Fences are flexible, lightweight and small enough to fit into less-accessible places. So, that hard-to-reach spot behind your housing development that’s adjacent to a preserve? We can handle it. Plus, our fencing is much more flexible than our walls, because it’s made to a thinner mold. This also means this option weighs less, creating a perfect building scenario for your team. 

Next, our precast fences are designed to link directly to our PermaWalls. So if you’re designing a community to be surrounded by a Permacast Precast Concrete Wall, but the back area is hard to reach, our PermaFence is a perfect option for connecting that space seamlessly. Maintain the same distinct color and texture all the way around your project by using our materials in all of your design.

Permacast precast concrete fence

Third, our materials are environmentally-friendly, meaning we don’t cut down trees to create our products, nor do we use harsh chemicals like what’s used to treat wood. Our materials are designed in our facilities and brought to the site for building, eliminating the need for perfect weather or the inconsistencies of on-site concrete pours. 

Finally, as an alternative to more expensive materials, like vinyl and wood, PermaFences are weatherproof, withstanding winds of up to 250mph. Rain, snow, and other harsh natural elements, not to mention local pests, are no match for these durable panels. The concrete actually strengthens over time, making this investment one that only becomes more substantial. Plus, the more fencing you use, the cheaper the materials become. Oh, and did we mention maintenance is little-to-none? How can you go wrong?

Precast concrete fence by Permacast

There’s no denying that Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls is the most affordable, durable and long-lasting option for any project, no matter how inaccessible it may seem. With its ability to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions, plus its reliability and low-maintenance features, Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls is the most secure investment you can make in the development of your next project.