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Choosing a Hurricane-Ready Company

Hurricane season, from June 1st through November 30th, is no joke in Florida. Hurricane winds can range in speed from 75mph up to 150mph, sometimes spanning as many as 600 feet in diameter and lasting up to a week before finally dissipating. Some years, multiple storms rage through the state and surrounding coastlines, leaving destruction and tons of property damage in its wake.

Floridians know it’s important to be prepared long before a hurricane strikes, and that often means choosing building materials and processes that can withstand this kind of severe weather. For Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls, we know the potential calamity that can follow a major tropical storm or hurricane. We also know how to build walls that will minimize, if not prevent, this level of damage from occurring on your property. 

What Kind of Damage Can Hurricanes Inflict?

Between the high wind speed mentioned before, flooding, and the residual damage that can come from falling trees and debris flying through the air (ultimately becoming missiles), hurricanes bring their A-game when they come ashore. For concrete structures, we often see a domino effect, in which one piece of wall or fencing topples or crumbles, removing a support for the next wall or section of fence, which in turn crumbles, and so on. Poorly reinforced structures, as well as minimally-grounded foundations, can be destroyed rapidly, with devastating results. 

Why Will a Precast Concrete Fence or Wall Be Better During a Hurricane?

Since Permacast Precast Concrete meets and exceeds all state standards for hurricane-proof structures, you can rest easy knowing our materials and products will stand even the toughest storm. Our foundations are engineered individually to withstand seismic activity and keep any foundational damage localized to a specific area (rather than enduring widespread destruction). Each panel of reinforced concrete fencing or wall is created with precision to provide the highest structural integrity, reducing the damage caused on impact from flying debris or falling objects.

What Happens If a Precast Concrete Wall or Fence Is Damaged in a Hurricane?

If a portion of one of our precast concrete fences or walls does become damaged during a hurricane, the repair or replacement cost is minimal. Since our fences are installed one panel at a time, only the affected panels need to be replaced- not the entire fence or wall. Often, when a traditional concrete fence or wall must be repaired in certain places, the repair work compromises the strength and integrity of the entire wall, leaving it even more vulnerable to future damage. Not so with Permacast Precast Concrete. By simply replacing only the damaged pieces, the entire fencing or wall system remains in tact and just as strong as ever, giving you the peace of mind that you will still be protected, even during future storms. 

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, the choice for concrete fencing and walls is clear. Choose a company founded in Florida and servicing areas through Florida, Texas and North Carolina- areas that have seen more than their fair share of hurricanes and know how to create, maintain and replace (when necessary) products that can withstand the destructive forces of these massive storms. Talk to the experts at Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls about your next project to ensure a hurricane-ready structure that will endure long after hurricane season is over.