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City Spotlight on Fort Worth, TX

When you look around and realize the lines have blurred between cowboys and culture, you know you’re in Fort Worth, Texas. This city, nicknamed The Modern West, welcomes people from all over and invites you to enjoy a modern version of the Old West. Originally established as an army outpost, Fort Worth was best known as the center for the Texas Longhorn cattle trade. Today, you’ll find these historic traits celebrated in the modern city Fort Worth has become. This is just part of the reason Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls loves being part of Fort Worth. The electric connection between past, present and future is contagious and we’re here to catch the feeling.

Historic Districts

Some of the coolest, and most visited, areas of Fort Worth include The Stockyards and Camp Bowie. The Stockyards are the original stomping grounds for cowboys, cattle, and outlaws. Now it’s a thriving center for restaurants, bars and pubs, and one of the most popular attractions for visitors. This is the place to get a taste of the true American West. Camp Bowie, on the southeast edge of Fort Worth, is a historic neighborhood filled with restaurants, shops, and specialty boutiques. Visitors and locals alike stop by to meander the 30 blocks of retail and dining while enjoying the touch of history the area brings. 

Cultural Experiences

To learn more about the art and history of the area, the Cultural District features five internationally-recognized museums. Housed in a park-like setting, the buildings alone are architectural works of art and the surrounding view is majestic. Permacast designers love a good architectural scene and this is the place to find it in Fort Worth. For a more eclectic vibe, check out Near Southside. This up-and-coming neighborhood is a thriving modern community that features some of the best distilleries, restaurants, and unique activities (glass-blowing classes, anyone?) in town. For the hottest entertainment, Fort Worth has to offer, visit West 7th. Including trendy fashion retailers to high concept dining, plus the best entertainment around, this five-block area offers a fun evening for everyone. These are the types of neighborhoods that Permacast loves to surround and protect. Look for our products and designs in and around historic buildings as well as new, modern areas of Fort Worth. 


For those who love to be out and about, Fort Worth has plenty of spots that deliver. Panther Island is a great place to bring the whole family, with plenty of things to do, including the only water-front stage in Texas, a drive-in movie theater, and all the riverfront activities you can imagine. The Texas Motor Speedway is a great spot for racing enthusiasts to spend their day, while the Fort Worth Zoo (near Texas Christian University) is currently the #1 zoo in the nation. Each of these attractions holds plenty of opportunity for visitors to get to know Fort Worth and for residents and locals to build traditions. Those traditions are part of the allure for Permacast. We look forward to maintaining and protecting these special places that are unique to the city of Fort Worth.

A town so full of history and modern-day energy should be celebrated, but also preserved. That’s why Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls brings our high-quality products, services and designs to this great city. We want to be part of the continued excellence we find here and help the community continue to grow and thrive. If you’re a builder in the Fort Worth area, take a look at our line of affordable and long-lasting products. Talk to us about your next project and see if Permacast is right for you. We’re betting we’ll make a great fit and and even better partnership in Fort Worth.