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City Spotlight on Houston

The city of Houston has stood alone as a pillar among the major metropolises in Texas for centuries. Named for Sam Houston, the oil tycoon, this town has made a name for itself in many industries. Houston is also rich in history, especially the historic developments of many science and technology industries. With new technology always being developed in the Houston area, it’s easy to see why Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls, with our own cutting edge technology and developments, love being part of this exciting city. Here are a few things you can expect to find when you explore Houston, Texas.

Downtown Houston

While the downtown area doesn’t cover a lot of ground, geographically-speaking, it packs a punch with the history it contains. This compact area is full of history and culture just waiting to be explored. From the illustrious Theater District, which houses the Houston Grand Opera, to the Historic District full of 19th Century architecture and plenty of upscale restaurants, downtown Houston is a perfect spot to begin your love affair with this town. 



So many museums, so little time. If you love exploring museums, Houston has plenty to choose from. The Contemporary Arts Museum and The Menil Collection draw art lovers of all ages. The Holocaust Museum Houston pays tribute to those who endured the tragedy of World War II from the area. The Museum of Natural Science will expose nature lovers and history buffs to the evolution of Houston’s development. And of course, the Space Center Houston is where visitors can get an up-close look at NASA’s largest space program. 

Parks and Recreation

So many of the parks in Houston are built around Buffalo Bayou, so going to the park is less about seeing the bayou at all, and more about how you’d like to experience it! Sesquicentennial Park, for example, blends the urban element of Houston with the bayou where you can walk, run or bike alongside the beautiful waterway. Buffalo Bayou Park is great for picnics or strolling along under the trees, while the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern is a hidden gem within the city. Find art installations here that dress up this attraction. Spotts Park is a fantastic way to get outdoors for the afternoon while Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful botanical delights Houston has to offer. These beautiful areas, as well as Buffalo Bayou itself, are worth preserving and Permacast is happy to be on site to design long-lasting precast concrete barriers that will keep these areas safe and well-protected.



Houston has made a name for itself by becoming home to many top industries. NASA, of course, has always housed its main ground control in Houston. With Galveston Bay nearby coupled with the ideal weather conditions, the geographic location of Houston made it an ideal site for launching space shuttles into orbit. Along with the space industry, Houston is also the center point for the air conditioning industry as well as the top international energy industry and the home of petroleum exploration. There is a wealth of science and technology pulsing throughout the veins of Houston, Texas!

Houston is definitely a bustling, thriving city full of energy and ideas. At Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls, we believe our high-quality products, along with our state-of-the-art production system, fits perfectly in this tech-savvy city. We look forward to the opportunities that await throughout the Houston area. If you are in the construction industry in Houston and would like to know more about our products and services, contact us directly or visit one of our Lunch & Learn sessions to find out more about what we can do for you and your next Houston project!