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City Spotlight: Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas, is a city full of energy, and we mean that in the most literal sense possible. With nearly 9,000 active wells producing 165 million barrels of oil and natural gas, Midland ranks as the second-highest producer of fossil fuels in the state of Texas. The overall wealth this industry has brought to Midland led to the cityscape we now know today. But while Midland might be known for its energy production, there is still much to see and do around the area. Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls is ready to help this growing city build, bringing our strength, expertise and high-quality products to the area. 

Midland, TX

The Tall City

Nicknamed The Tall City, Midland boasts plenty of highrises and an impressive skyline, many resulting from the oil boom of the 1980s. With four buildings over 15 stories high, plans were once to keep designing huge structures in the downtown area. Once the oil scene went bust in the mid-1980s, contractors had to stop construction plans. However, Midland continues to grow and thrive, bringing new residents every year. With this kind of level of expansion, contractors, HOAs, and developers will be working hard to create new and innovative residential and commercial areas. Permacast is proud to offer our top-of-the-line products to Midland builders who want to use sustainable, enduring products. 

Permian Basin

Much of the natural resources in Midland were discovered in the Permian Basin. This large, sedimentary basin, located in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico, covers 86,000 square miles. It lends its name to the oil and natural gas producing area, of which Midland serves as one of the headquarters for production activities. Along with oil and natural gas production, the Permian Basin is also a major source of potassium salts, called potash. 

Things to See and Do 

While the oil industry certainly accounts for much of Midland’s revenue, there are still many engaging sights and events in and around the city. Midland College is home to the McCormick Gallery, housed in the Allison Fine Arts Building, and promotes work created by students and faculty as well as professionals. The Midland-Odessa Symphony and Chorale (MOSC) is the region’s largest orchestral organization, presenting a variety of concerts throughout the year. Midland is also home to the Midland Rockhounds, a minor league baseball team and the AA affiliate to the Oakland Athletics. When touring the area, visitors love to experience the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and take a peek inside the George H.W. Bush Childhood Home

Midland, Texas, has experienced much growth and prosperity in the past, and it’s currently finding its way back to a renewed sense of expansion again. Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls looks forward to a long-lasting relationship with the builders, contractors, and HOAs in the area as we provide the products that will result in enduring preservation of their assets. If you’re a builder in the Midland area, talk to us about your upcoming project and find out more about how Permacast can work for you.