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City Spotlight on Orlando

While Orlando is universally known for its abundance of tourism and attractions, there is actually so much more to discover about this city. Located in the heart of Central Florida, plenty of Florida residents make their permanent home in or around the Orlando area, while many more winter residents spend up to half their year in the area. Several colleges and universities have made their homes here as well, bringing sporting teams and fans along with them. And while many locals find plenty to do besides the world-renowned attractions, they do often spend a fair amount of time in theme parks, themed restaurants and themed shopping districts, so there is always something new being built or improved. Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls knows how important the construction industry is in such a growing city. Since we’re Florida builders, too, we’re already familiar with the city of Orlando and its codes, regulations and permitting laws. Now we’re excited to show this great city to you, too!


Between all of the theme parks, water parks, restaurants, nightclubs, and outdoor attractions, there is every reason for tourists to visit Orlando. There is truly something for everyone in this town that caters to every whim. Since this town already attracts tourists, new entrepreneurs crop up regularly with new ideas, goods, and services to sell to the masses. Permacast knows that typically, new construction can take years, but with our products, a precast concrete perimeter wall or fence can be erected in a fraction of the time, so new businesses can open and begin to thrive more quickly. 


While Walt Disney chose this inland area over the coastal cities of Tampa or Miami to avoid hurricanes, Orlando is not totally immune to severe weather from time to time. Blazing hot summer sun, high humidity, and thunderstorms that rattle the windows are regular staples of Florida life. Plus, while hurricanes are definitely not as common in Orlando as in other Florida beach towns, it has definitely endured its fair share of tropical storms and hurricanes passing through the area. However, with a strong perimeter like those that Permacast produces, your hotel, shopping plaza or residential community will be protected during storms. Our products don’t buckle, crumble or crack under the pressure of severe weather, but rather stay intact for the duration of storm season, year after year. 

Beyond Tourism

While it can seem to the out-of-town visitor that Orlando is comprised completely of hotels, attractions and eateries, there is actually a vast local life as well. Orlando is home to a huge technology industry and houses major research facilities as well. Much of the actual infrastructure of the city serves the local residents and Permacast helps secure the local schools, government buildings, and facilities like water treatment plants. While these areas seem less glamorous than the bright lights of the tourism industry, without basic infrastructure, the entire city would collapse. We love being part of keeping the most fundamental parts of such a busy, thriving city intact, secure, and running smoothly. 

There is so much to see and do in Orlando, Florida. Part of the reason Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls stays invested in Orlando is because we know Florida standards, codes and permitting laws and seek to serve our local communities with our products and knowledge of the area. We can make your next building project quicker, easier, and more cost-effective than our competitors can, and we’ll do it right the first time. Talk to us about your next project and we’ll show you how we can work together to continue to build Orlando into the beautiful, fun city we know and love.