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City Spotlight: Tulsa, OK

One of the most family-friendly cities in the United States right now is Tulsa, Oklahoma. With plenty of events and activities for families of all ages, a growing economy that includes major industries setting up shop, and mild weather where locals can experience all four seasons, Tulsa has an idyllic draw for many people looking to settle into a safe, quiet lifestyle. At Permacast, we’re eager to provide the security and peace of mind Tulsa residents and businesses seek through our quality precast concrete products. At Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls, our main priority is the safety and security of the buildings, people and communities our products protect. In Tulsa, we’re very excited to become part of the community and create a lasting sense of security.

Weather & Geography

While Tulsa mostly experiences mild seasons, with light snowfall in winter and warm but dry summers, it does happen to be right in the middle of Tornado Alley. Tornadoes are most prevalent in late spring and throughout summer. Residents who have survived a few of these terrifying storms can attest to the damage they can cause. While nothing is completely immune to the devastation of tornadoes, the precast walls and fences created, manufactured and installed by Permacast can provide a secure and solid perimeter that is simply unbeatable.

With weather-resistant aggregates included in every concrete pour, our walls and fences actually become stronger and more solid over time. Plus, each panel is installed individually, so if some damage is incurred in one area of your precast concrete fence or wall, there’s no need to tear and down and replace the entire wall. Just replace the damaged pieces with new ones in an efficient and timely manner. The residential communities and commercial businesses in Tulsa that trust their weatherproofing to Permacast have never been safer from inclement weather. 

Tulsa Industry

While the oil industry is historically the main source of economy in Tulsa, some other major companies, such as Hobby Lobby, Love’s, the American Cancer Society, and Sonic call Tulsa home, as well. Their business headquarters are found right here in Tulsa, and they’re not the only ones. Tulsa’s main industries include engineering and aerospace companies, finance and high tech companies, plus technology, telecommunication, and manufacturing industries. With so many companies finding the economic atmosphere in Tulsa favorable for housing their headquarters, experts predict even more of an industry boom in the coming years.

With so much upcoming construction projected, Permacast is excited to be part of the up and coming design. With weather-resistant walls, efficient production and installation, and the ability to customize each design to suit the project at hand, Permacast will likely be a notable piece of the Tulsa landscape in coming years. 

Unique Local Residents and Visitors

Besides family-centered communities and booming businesses, Tulsa is home to a few unique residents: animals! Besides an awesome local zoo, Tulsa hosts the Arabian Horse Association’s US Nationals Competition every year. Along with residents’ personal horses, the visiting horses and owners expect stables and barns that will keep their prized showhorses safe during their stay. The abundance of hiking and horseback riding trails shows how common large breed pets are to the residents of Tulsa. Including securing fencing and walls around the facilities that house these precious and unique animals is a must for all involved. Our precast concrete walls and fences can be customized to any height or thickness required. This means all the four-legged residents and visitors to Tulsa can stay well-protected while they’re here. 

Tulsa is a growing city with plenty to offer. Just like anywhere, the unique natural elements along with the growing industries and rich family-friendly residential communities are all reasons Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls are happy to be part of this amazing area. By bringing our quality products to this area, we look forward to supporting, sustaining, and protecting the growth and future of the greater Tulsa area. If you build in Tulsa and would like to hear more about our products, procedures, and projects, talk to the experts at Permacast or join a Lunch and Learn session. We’d love to hear about your upcoming project and show how well we can fit in.