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Tips for Cleaning Your Prefab Concrete Walls in Houston

One of the main benefits of choosing Permacast is the low maintenance required.  Whether your product is our prefab concrete walls in Houston, or you’ve invested in one of our concrete fences, the durability and low maintenance requirements are unparalleled.  Prefab Concrete Walls Houston

The only maintenance activity you may want to occasionally partake in is cleaning your Permacast product.  Here are some basic tips on cleaning precast concrete.

Cleaning Prefab Concrete Walls in Houston

One of the easiest ways to clean precast concrete is water.  Pressure washing can take care of most basic cleaning needs.  It takes care of any debris, dirt, dust, and grass.  It can even eliminate basic stains.


If you would like to remove dirt and do not have a pressure washer, detergent mixed with water works well.  Simply mix the detergent and water, sponge clean, and rinse.  If you end up with more stubborn stains, there are steps you can take to keep your prefab concrete walls Houston looking like new.

There are many commercial products on the market for prefab concrete.  These products are used for different purposes.  You can use pH neutral cleaners for sealed surfaces where the dirt has not been ground in.  

They are a gentle cleaner for basic use.  Alkaline cleaners are for oil and grease stains.  Bacterial cleaners will attack contamination’s and pollution’s.  They are often used for pet urine.


One issue that commercial properties sometimes face is graffiti.  There are several products on the market.  You should try commercial products first to see if they are effective.  

If you still are having issues removing the graffiti, you may try sandblasting.  Our walls are sealed, making it more difficult for graffiti to soak into the surface.  If you want extra protection, there are sealants on the market made specifically for that purpose.

Tar & Paint

Tar and paint stains can be a major issue if there is work around the fence.  If the tar is hot, use ice to cool it.  Then, chisel or scrape the tar off of the concrete.  

When finished, scrub the surface to remove the debris, and rinse with water.  If it is a paint spill concerning you, place cloths on top of the paint to soak it.  Then, scrub the area with a powder based cleaner and water until the area is clear.

Precast concrete from Permacast requires little to no maintenance and can easily last for over a century without repair.  Dirt is easy to remove on a regular basis.  For more stubborn stains, these tips should keep your walls looking brand new for years to come.