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Commercial precast concrete fencing by Permacast

Commercial Concrete Fencing

Commercial Property Developers have made Permacast Walls their go-to choice to enclose, protect, and enhance their commercial properties since 2006. Our commercial concrete fencing system is an affordable way to solve any sound or security issues in an attractive and natural manner.

Commercial Concrete Fencing is Affordable

A commercial concrete fence from Permacast Walls is an affordable alternative to vinyl and wood fencing. It provides a quick, efficient system with minimal labor and lower construction costs due to our innovative manufacturing process. Additionally, our commercial concrete fences require little or no maintenance, which lowers the overall cost of our system. With all these savings it’s easy to see how a commercial concrete fencing pays for itself in the long run.

A Commercial Concrete Fence is Secure

When it comes to keeping your commercial property safe nothing beats our concrete fencing options. They are ideal for property owners who prefer a more natural, eye-catching style as opposed to an industrial look. We offer either a 6 or 8 foot standard panel height with other height options available in a sand, brick, wood, or stacked stone finish. The Permacast Walls commercial concrete fence is created with the highest quality concrete from distributors in the United States and is able to withstand the elements of Mother Nature.

A Commercial Concrete Fence Eliminates Sound

One of the biggest deterrents of potential clients that commercial properties often encounter is noise pollution. Sleep disruption, anxiety, and high blood pressure can result from prolonged exposure to loud or constant sounds, like from a major highway or interstate. Permacast Walls commercial concrete fencing can help eliminate noise pollution with the use of high-strength concrete which acts as a reflective sound barrier. This will not only reduce the amount of noise through the gaps but also lead to happier, healthier residents.

commercial concrete fencing

Why Choose a Permacast Commercial Concrete Fence

Affordability, security, and comfort are just a few of the many reasons Commercial Property Developers choose to use the Permacast Walls concrete system. We work with you to create a unique cost-effective system including walls, fences, and enclosures that exceed expectations and meet your needs.

Here are a few other reasons Property Developers choose Permacast commercial concrete fencing:

  1. We engineer, manufacture, and install our products.
  2. Our products can be modified to meet the needs of any site and engineering specifications.
  3. We help ensure that the criteria and concerns of most city councils, zoning, and planning boards are met.
  4. Our products are incredibly durable, and require very little maintenance.
  5. We offer quick repairs if needed.

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