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Commercial Design Trends for Large Buildings

When you’re a commercial building owner, you want to be up-to-date on design trends.  Having the right look for your building is important, which is why we have a list of the top commercial design trends for large buildings.  You’ll be the height of style with these ideas for inspiration!

Commercial Design is Inspired by These Trends

Textured Exteriors

Texture is in!  Commercial buildings are buying out stock in black brick, light stone, and wooden finishes.  If your building is already in place and you’re seeking a way to add some texture, adding an outdoor area or a stone finish precast concrete fence is a great way to modernize your commercial exterior.


Commercial design is incorporating nature into their design more than ever before.  Instead of adding natural elements to design, designers are now using natural design as the basis and building around nature.  Grass covered rooftops, structures built around or into trees, and untouched landscaping are all ways designers are bringing man and nature together in commercial design.  Instead of building first and landscaping later, nature now becomes the foundation upon which the design is developed.

A Colorful World

Color is the key with current commercial design trends.  Although neutrals and blacks with texture are heavily incorporated in design schemes, splashes of color and bright elements can be seen throughout the commercial design community.  Blues, reds, adobes, and yellows are popular choices for adding an element of color to any design.

Social Space

Work spaces are becoming more and more social, and the outside environment is no different.  Outdoor group workspaces are a huge trend in modern commercial design.  Creating an outdoor work environment has been a priority for businesses as more emphasis is based on productivity through healthy work atmospheres.  Creating social spaces outdoors allows employees to mingle and also to collaborate.

These design trends will bring your outdoor environment to the next level when designing your commercial building.  What do you envision for your building design?  Let us know your unique ideas in the comments below!