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Orlando Concrete Fence Cost

Comparing Orlando Precast Concrete Fence and Materials

Comparing our Orlando precast concrete fence and other materials may help you save money. When you own property, it’s very common to want some sort of barrier between your property and the outside world. Orlando Concrete Fence Cost

Fencing comes in so many forms and materials, it’s sometimes hard to decide what would be best for your situation.

At Permacast, fencing is our business, and we’ve made it a priority to know how different fencing materials compare to each other.

Wood Fence Vs. Orlando Precast Concrete Fence


Wood fencing is one of the most popular options for fencing in the country.

It is a versatile medium, meaning that there are many different types of wood fencing to choose from on the market. Wood is a classic option that can offer privacy and visual appeal.

There are a few down sides to choosing wood for your fencing. Firstly, the type of wood you choose will drastically affect your fence’s durability, so you may be looking at spending more in the short term to avoid major issues in the future.

Wood is a high maintenance material. Your fence will need to be regularly cleaned, painted, and even repaired. Not maintaining your fence could cause it to rot or mold.

Wood is a beautiful material, but overall it is not built to last forever. It also can be timely and expensive to install.
Iron is another classic material, and can look very impressive.

Aesthetics is where the benefit for iron fencing ends, however. While they do offer a basic level of security, iron fences offer little to no privacy.

Also, while iron may seem like a sturdier material, it actually requires a great deal of regular maintenance. In fact, it is recommended that the entire fence be sanded or repainted every two years!

Vinyl fencing is another popular option. Although it may not be as classically appealing as wood or iron, it is much more durable. It requires almost no maintenance, and should not need more than regular washing with a hose.

It can be susceptible to dents, so if it is going to be around machinery or regular impact, vinyl may not be the choice for you.

Precast Concrete Fence

Permacast Orlando precast cement fencing is truly the best all-around option for fencing. Permacast fencing is highly versatile, and comes in a number of finishes, so visual appeal is never an issue.

In fact, you can choose looks that range from classic hand cut stone, to smooth modern Orlando pre-cast cement in your color choice.

In addition, it is durable, requires no maintenance, and can easily last 100 years. There is no better fencing for privacy and security, and this durable material even offers protection from noise pollution. Installation can be done quickly, and is a one-time process.

Choosing the right fence takes careful consideration, but with Permacast concrete fences, you have a simple choice. The combination of aesthetics and practicality will ensure that you are happy with your choice for the lifetime of your property.