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Concrete Fence Designs & Installation – 7 Things You Should Know

Think you know everything about your Permacast fence? Concrete fence designs and installation can be tricky.

You already know all of the benefits that come with having a Permacast Fence.  You’ve seen the proof of their beauty in our portfolio. You have researched the many security and privacy benefits. 

At this point you are ready to have a low maintenance, long lasting fence installed on your property.  

So where do you get started?


Getting Started With Your Concrete Fence Designs & Installations

  • Call our company so we can provide an estimate for your fence. You may want the basic information on where you will need the fence and how large it will be.  
    • Our experts will be able to advise you on details based on your specific situation. 
    • The height of your fence, layout of your property, location, and accessibility are all factors to consider when determining the cost of your fence.
  • You will choose the design and type of fencing you want.  We offer a variety of finishes, including brick, stone, and concrete.
  • Once you’ve determined the design details, you will need a building permit.  Getting a building permit is necessary to install the concrete fencing.  
    • You can obtain a building permit through your local city hall, then fill out the necessary paperwork.
  • You want to set your installation date.  We have expert installers that will ensure that you get the most out of your Permacast Fence for years to come.  
    • While you do not need to use our installation services to order from Permacast, we highly recommend you use our team to avoid errors that could affect the sustainability of the fencing. 
    • When using our installation team, you are usually looking at scheduling six to eight weeks out.
  • When it’s finally time to install your fence, we will assess the access points to work on your property.  Then our team will begin by laying a gravel base for the fence.  
    • We typically use 8-12 inches, but your city may have specific guidelines concerning the base. 
    • When you obtain your permit you will want to check on these qualifications.  
    • Our team will start installing the fence, one wall at a time.  
    • The first wall will be erected and then braced on both sides until the second wall is erected and braced.  
    • Then the braces on the first wall will come down, and the team will start on the third wall.
  • If you decide you would like to seal the walls, that will take place after the wall is completely up.  
    • We do recommend sealing most walls, to prevent any type of weather damage and increase the longevity of Permacast Fencing even more.
  • The final step will be to put in a foundation for the walls.  The foundation enforces the support and ensures that your Permacast Fence will stand solid.

Making the decision to install a Permacast Fence lets you increase your privacy and make your property more secure. The concrete fence designs provides an attractive surrounding for your land or building.  

To begin taking the proper steps to have your own Permacast Fence, start by contacting our experts and you will be on your way to a fully installed fence.

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