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Concrete Fence Panels Cost You Less by Increasing the Security of your Home

Permacast Walls provide excellent security for your property, and ensure that you are protected at all times.  Concrete fence panels cost you less because security is part of our business.Concrete Fence Panels Cost

Permacast cares about the safety of your property on every level.  Here are some tips, besides using a Permacast fence that will help you keep your home secure.

Concrete Fence Panels Cost You Less & Increase Security

Stay off social media- at least with your plans.  As excited as you are that you’re going to see your sister out of town for two weeks, sharing your plans on social media is ill advised.  Despite precautions, you truly never know who is seeing the information you post.

Look like you come home.  Simply maintaining your property can make a big difference.  Mow the lawn, remove fliers and newspapers from your front steps, and don’t let the trash build up.  Clutter and lack of maintenance makes your house a target and looks like you don’t often come home.

Don’t leave notes on the door.  It seems obvious when said, but leaving a note for a loved one or friend who is supposed to stop by can be tempting.  This is an obvious clue that you aren’t home, and sometimes even indicates how long you’ll be gone- a bad idea for good security.

Motion Sensor Lighting.  There are a few things that can easily scare off an intruder.  Motion sensor lighting startles intruders and threatens to expose their activity to observant neighbors.

Windows and Doors.  Putting a stop on your windows so they can only be opened to a certain point can help eliminate access points for intruders.  Make sure your windows are up to date and secure as well.  Every door that leads to the outside should have heavy duty locks on them to keep out unwelcome guests.  If you have a door that leads to your garage or basement, and the garage or basement has outside access, you should install heavy duty locks on that door as well.

Garage door opener.  Don’t rely on your automatic garage door to be a deterrent for thieves.  If your opener is in plain sight, criminals may be able to access it and open the door.

Permacast Fencing.  The best way to protect your property from intruders is a solid Permacast barrier.  Permacast Fencing is sturdy, durable, and ranges from six to eight feet, providing privacy and security.  If you own a home complex, this option keeps your residents secure, and if you own commercial property, this fencing is a valuable deterrent to protect your investment.

At Permacast, we provide a quality, one of a kind product that has offered long lasting security to multiple types of properties.  Offering this quality to ensure your safety and the safety of your property is a commitment we take seriously.  To find out more about how concrete fence panels cost you less and can help you protect your property, contact one of our skilled representatives.