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Concrete Fence and Permacast Walls Finish Options

At Permacast, our wall and concrete fence options are designed to provide you with security, durability, and sound protection.  We also understand that aesthetics are a priority.  That’s why we offer a variety of finishes and colors that will ensure your property maintains its appearance and consistency.

Concrete Fence & Permacast Wall Finishes

Concrete Fence and Permacast Walls Finish Options

Our PermaSand finish is a concrete stucco finish created from a mold designed with traditional sand stucco.  While it has the appearance of a sand stucco, its concrete makeup ensures the durability of the finish.  

A one hundred year life span is easily reached with this finish, and moisture is unable to sneak into the product.  This means that, unlike traditional stucco, PermaSand is not prone to algae and staining.

PermaBrick is a popular choice for those who wish to portray a more traditional design aesthetic with their concrete fence.  Many gated communities and commercial properties therefore choose this finish.  One reason people choose the PermaBrick option is its easy installation.  

It easily contrasts with traditional brick, which has a laborious installation process and is therefore high in cost.  The PermaBrick fencing also lasts a long time, and is not susceptible to crumbling like traditional brick.

The PermaBrick fence is designed from hand laid brick, which is carefully selected for its quality and condition.  The concrete is then poured into these vertical molds, and the process used to coat the mold will determine the outcome of the design.  You could opt for a rustic or brand new finish.

PermaStone is an elegant finish, and extremely affordable when compared to a traditional stone wall.  The vertical mold for our PermaStone fencing is carefully crafted with hand selected stones that is hand laid and built into an attractive wall.  

This ensures that they look natural and have the proper contrast.  PermaStone comes in multiple color combinations, which work for multiple property types.  The Birchwood color combination is a muted and subtle option, with mostly white stones and subtle grey touches.  

Driftwood uses the same color scheme, with a little more drama in the coloration.  Coastal Stone is comprised of shades of sand, while Sand Stone is a medium sand color.  If you are looking for a darker sand color, Desert Stone is a stunning option, and the darkest sand color available.

Whichever property you are looking to install a concrete fence on, Permacast has the perfect solution for you.  With a variety of finishes and colors available, we can ensure that you will be happy with the appearance of your concrete fence no matter what your style.