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PermaFence Concrete Fences

Here the wind load capacity of PermaFence concrete fences is demonstrated. The durability and lifespan is unprecedented, greatly surpassing that of the common alternative available to HOA’s and developers: vinyl or wood fencing.

Using the specially engineered and innovative technology created by Permacast, the PermaFence system reflects the aesthetically pleasing facade of a wood fence. Unlike wood fencing, however, PermaFence concrete fences will not rot or deteriorate due to moisture or sun. As demonstrated in this video, PermaFence concrete fences also will not fall victim to wind damage. The panels of PermaFence concrete fences can withstand up to 250mph of continuous winds.

The Affordability of PermaFence Concrete Fences

Surely the PermaFence system must cost a fortune, you might think. However, it is very affordable considering maintenance requirements and limited lifespan of vinyl and wood fencing. A 100 year service life is easily achievable, thanks to the high quality concrete and structural fiber used.

PermaFence Concrete Fences, the new standard in precast technology.

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