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Concrete Retaining Walls Help Prevent Property Damage

When we are settling on a place to live or build property, we tend to believe we are in control.  Our mental design plan and thoughts for our vision can sometimes lead to not taking the proper precautions.  Landscaping is one of the major hurdles you have to overcome when building property.  Improper landscaping can result in serious damage to your property.

Property damage is a serious issue, and often irreparable.  If you can’t prevent something from happening, you could wind up paying millions in repairs. Luckily, concrete retaining walls can help prevent the following issues.

Concrete Retaining Walls Can Prevent a Number of Potential Hazards

Soil erosion is a serious issue that can occur without the proper retaining walls.  The concrete retaining walls blocks soil from shifting downward on a steep incline.  When soil slips down a steep slope, it changes the layout of the land.  Over time, the land that your property is built on gets smaller as the soil erodes.  Eventually, the land beneath and surrounding your structure will erode and damage the structure itself.  Soil erosion can be very serious and can completely alter the layout of your land.

Concrete retaining walls are also effective in preventing flood damage.  Flooding causes a very large amount of property damage for Americans.  Retaining walls will redirect water and protect your property from leaks, pooling, and flooding.

One issue that homeowners sometimes fail to consider is the possibility of sinkholes.  A sinkhole can grow to mammoth proportions over a short period of time, and cause irreparable damage.  Retaining walls can help prevent sinkholes from happening by keeping the land where it should be and preventing pools of water from forming.  They are one of the best methods of keeping your structure safe.

Permacast retaining walls are made of concrete and reinforced with Forta Ferro Fiber, making them extra strong.  While some retaining walls may crack or buckle under pressure, Permacast retaining walls stand the test of time.  Their durability is one of the most prominent factors that set Permacast walls above the competitor.
Knowing the potential problems that can arise on your property is essential for longevity.  The best way to protect your land is to know and understand it, so you can take measures to prevent damage.  If you plan to enjoy your property for years to come, make sure you get an assessment of the land.  If you need quality retaining walls, speak to one of the experts at Permacast about our product.