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Why Permacast Walls and Fences are Budget Friendly

Deciding on the perfect concrete fence or retaining wall has a lot to do with cost, both upfront and down the road. Affordability can mean something different to another company, but here at Permacast, it means investing in a quality product that ultimately reduces or eliminates additional costs down the line. The cost of Permacast’s concrete fence and walls are affordable because our team has developed a product that is durable, sound reducing, requires little maintenance, and is offered at a great value to our customers. Since we are proud to offer our customers this value, here are a few reasons as to why we’ve been able to make this product so affordable and cost-effective for everyone. 

Why is the Cost of Concrete Fences & Walls So Affordable?

Snow covered concrete wall


One of the main factors that make this product affordable is its longevity.  Permacast concrete fencing or privacy walls are weather resistant and can handle the strongest of winds, up to 250 mph, moisture from rainy seasons, pressure from ice and snow, and the sun’s constant rays. Unlike vinyl or wood, precast concrete does not rot, so there is no need to spend money replacing or repairing damage due to rot every few years. Unlike brick, precast concrete does not separate or crumble. Because these structures are reinforced with a strong fiber system, they also do not crumble even at the rate of traditionally poured concrete. Precast concrete walls and fences not only have been known to stay intact for over one hundred years, but they actually increase durability and sustainability as the material continues to harden over time. 

Collection of textured precast wall pieces in a line

Low Maintenance

Without the need for repair, maintenance, and restructuring, the upkeep costs of a Permacast wall or fence are nearly nonexistent, under most circumstances. In addition, cosmetic work and paint touch-ups will be few and far between. Our PermaFence is made from colored concrete, which means there is no painting or chipping involved. PermaWalls are painted with a product specifically designed for precast structures. We ensure that this formula is long-lasting, low maintenance, and a cost-effective option for our customers as it is not your average paint job. 

Precast concrete panel lifted by a crane

Easy Installation

Another money-saving factor for your precast concrete fence or wall is the installation process. Unlike brick, which proves to be a long, laborious task of laying individual pieces or pouring concrete for uneven and unpredictable results, precast concrete walls are delivered to the construction site in large sections that are ready to be individually installed.  Installing Permacast walls is a simple process for our professionals and requires very little equipment and, comparatively, less time. This not only keeps your labor and install expenses to a minimum but also eases the stress of hosting a drawn-out and complicated project on your property. 

Precast concrete wall under blue skies


Competitive Rates 

Rate comparison will also reveal that Permacast walls and fences are competitively priced. After extensive research and working in the field for as long as we have, our team is able to deliver a superior product at a lower cost. The quality of our product is indisputable, and we almost always come out as the more affordable option than other products in our class.

There are many ways that Permacast can be an affordable solution, but the end result is a quality product that provides one-time installation with little to no maintenance in the years that follow. At Permacast, we are happy to have the capabilities necessary to bring this level of quality and service to you, saving you or your company valuable time and money on the cost of precast concrete fences and walls.