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Dressing Up Your Permacast Wall for Outdoor Events

Sometimes we need a good reason to inspire or motivate us to enhance the appearance of our yards. Hosting a celebration like a backyard barbecue, small wedding, graduation party, anniversary, family reunion, or other outdoor get-together is certainly an excuse to spruce up your outdoor space, including your precast wall. That’s why your friends and design experts here at Permacast are sharing a few fun, classic, stunning, and awe-inspiring ways to dress up your own Permacast wall for your next outdoor event. 

String of cafe lights on concrete wall

Hang String Lights 

Number one on our list of ways to dress up your Permacast wall is to hang classic string lights or romantic cafe bulbs. While they illuminate your yard with warm light, your guests will be invited to relax, stay awhile, dance, and simply enjoy themselves. Keeping string lights or cafe bulbs hung throughout the season will also give your yard a beautiful glow each and every evening.  

Hanging greenery on backyard wall

Add Greenery or Plant Flowering Vines 

Living plants certainly bring new life to your outdoor precast walls. Design a pattern with pure greens, like trails grass, or enhance your wall with bright colors from flowering vines. Hang these plants directly to your wall, encourage their growth around your wall, or find beautiful, large pots to position in front of your wall. 

Pink Flower Mural

Paint a Mural  

If you are looking to do something out-of-the-box, eclectic, and artistic to enhance the appearance of your precast wall, why not paint a mural? Whether you are struck by sudden inspiration or have been planning your own design for a while, mulling over various ideas, murals are a fantastic and brilliant way to add a pop of color and unique personality to your outside space. 

Unique decorations on outdoor wall for a wedding

Incorporate Unique Decorative Objects 

Vintage watering cans with flowers, nautical canoe paddles, rustic timepieces, unique memorabilia, and more outdoor-friendly decor will not only spruce up your precast wall but share your very own style and taste with the world. You can always choose removable decor that will tie into the theme of your event and exchange it for something more permanent after the festivities have ended. 

Neon Party Time Sign

Install a Fun Custom Sign 

Whether a removable piece to celebrate a particular occasion or a permanent installation, tell your story with a custom sign. Write your celebratory message on a clean wooden sign or light it up in neon lights. You can even use a stunning and trendy background and hang your sign on top of astroturf or easily removable boxwood walls. 

Happy Birthday pink and purple balloon wall arch

Create a Balloon Wall 

Nothing says “party” quite like a fun and festive balloon wall. Create a sophisticated look for an anniversary party by using white and gold-colored balloons or a lively and colorful soiree with your favorite colors. However you choose to design your balloon wall, from a simple garland to a bold arch for photo ops, we are sure it will be the hit of your celebration. 

Permacast Walls are an eye-catching piece all on their own and rarely need enhancing to turn your outdoor space into a beautiful and relaxing oasis. However, when you are hosting an important celebration or backyard gathering with friends and family, we know you want to add a little extra pizzaz to set the tone and mood of your celebration. Our precast concrete walls and fences here at Permacast prove to be not only aesthetically pleasing but versatile and ready for your favorite decor.