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Ways to Increase Security at Your Commercial Property

When you own commercial property, security is an important factor.  Maintaining its value and protecting its contents (goods, records, money, staff, etc.) is a basic requirement for a successful business. That means protective measures must be implemented inside as well as outside of the property.

Fence Installation Can Help You Maintain Security Standards

Here are some ways you can make sure your commercial property is safe.

Installation of a fence or wall

Fence installation (or even a wall) that surrounds your property is an elementary step to protect it. Not only does it create an obstacle for any intruder, but it also defines the perimeters of the property and indicates to outsiders that they are not to access this area without authorization. Additional informative and prohibitive signs can be placed here as well.

The effectiveness of such fences or walls, as far as actually preventing any unauthorized access, depends of course on their size, structure, and stability. An adequately sized wall that is enforced with the proper materials can even withstand a forced entry (e.g. being rammed by a vehicle), or protect the people behind it from bullets (ballistic walls).

Conduct a security check

Do your due diligence and inspect the premises for any weak points.   Control/enforce the windows and glass panes in the doors and ensure they are not damaged. Fences should not have any holes or gaps, and all gates, doors, and locks must be in proper working condition. If there are areas that are poorly lit, install additional lighting fixtures.

Schedule such security checks at regular intervals, as these are typical areas that require maintenance to function properly.

Deter, discourage and prevent

You do not only want to deter potential intruders from breaking in.   The best-case scenario would be to discourage them before they even attempt an illegal entry. One way to achieve that is to make it obvious that the premises are monitored and protected.  One example of doing this is putting up signs that indicate the presence of CCTV and/or the cooperation with a security firm.

Be aware of the comings and goings

Awareness of who enters your building begins with awareness of who your staff members are. A background check should be part of the hiring process, and if you have many employees that are not individually known to you, everyone should carry some kind of ID.  This is especially true for particularly sensitive areas of the building.  An electronic access control system will ensure that only authorized persons to have access to the respective areas.

The presence of a receptionist or porter inside the entrance area should be the first point of contact for anyone entering the building. Here, a visitor’s log records the presence and identity of non-employees inside the building.

Depending on the size of the property, an additional guard at the outer gates can be an even earlier point of access control, thus not only monitoring people once they enter the building but as soon as they access the premises. This particularly makes sense if your commercial property consists of more than just one building. Another benefit consists in the fact that this outer guard can keep a log of not only the persons but also the vehicles that enter the grounds and can announce any new arrival to the receptionist so that they are prepared in advance.


A comprehensive CCTV system, at a minimum in strategic places like the entrance and parking areas, does not only enhance the function of a security guard, but also provides additional safety by enabling them to monitor the activities in other areas of the property, and record them for potentially necessary evidence.

An added benefit of comprehensive CCTV lies in the fact that it is not always external risks to your property’s security you will face.  Staff members themselves can create problems, be it through negligence, sabotage or theft.

Keep it real

The security measures should be appropriate and somewhat proportionate to the assets they protect. You do not need to go over the top and turn your commercial property into Fort Knox! Not only would such measures be excessively expensive, but they might send the wrong signals or even alienate the very people you WANT to enter the premises: clients, customers, business partners, and other visitors,

Health and safety

Ensure that all health and safety regulations (statutory or otherwise) are enforced and alarm systems like smoke detectors are in place and well maintained, and emergency exits and escape routes are clearly marked and accessible without hindrance. After all, security does not only pertain to your property, but also to the people who work there. Their health and safety is a basis for their productivity, and of course, you also want to protect your assets from any lawsuits that might ensue following an accident.

Train/instruct your staff

Make sure your staff understands the importance of these security measures and enhancements for your commercial property. The best doors, locks and alarm systems can only do their jobs adequately if the people use them properly. Create easy-to-follow checklists.

Which security measures do you have at your property?  Let us know in the comments below!