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Tips for Finding the Right Commercial Lot

Creating the perfect building for your office is a top priority to you.  Your image will be portrayed from the inside out, and you’ve mentally pictured everything from the building to the concrete fence design.  What most people don’t realize is that the land you choose is just as important as your building.  Choosing the right commercial lot will be the first step and the strong foundation to building your dream office.  Here are some key elements to look for.

Find the Right Commercial Lot for Your Needs


Location is important for any business.  Finding a location that is central can be very important, especially if you don’t have the local market cornered in your field.  No matter what, your location should be simple to find, have access to the road, and be able to support the building you want plus landscaping and parking.  You should also check the demographic of the surrounding area.  Will the people be able to support your business?  Is your business needed or wanted in the community?  These are important factors to consider.


Make sure the land is in a position to be commercially zoned for your business.  Some key things to look for are public access to the land and enough space for your plans.  Check local laws to make sure there is not a restriction to opening businesses in specific areas or neighborhoods.

Also, check the ordinances.  If you are opening next to a daycare, you probably can’t or won’t want to open a bar that offers live music on summer afternoons.  If you are in a residential neighborhood, you may have to have quiet after a certain time of night.


Before purchasing a lot, you should have your builder come and look at the land to assess it.  Although you can build on many different types of land, there are attributes which make building easier, and therefore more affordable.  Some of these include elevation, soil and access.  The same goes for a concrete fence design.  If your builder looks at your property before you purchase it, you can avoid extra hassle.  This could be the possible determining factor between two properties you have interest in.  


Just like when buying a home, knowing the history of your land is important if you want to keep your property safe.  Is the land susceptible to flooding?  Is erosion a danger?  Knowing the history of the land and its previous condition may help answer some of these questions.

Buying land is a big decision.  Make sure you consider all of the possible factors before making a purchase.