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Firework Safety Tips For All

Fireworks are synonymous with the 4th of July, but we love them on New Year’s Eve, too. And while there are always great displays to see in town, many of us will be hosting our own. Depending on the laws in our state and city, that can mean a range of different types of pyrotechnics. What’s consistent across the board is how careful we have to be about them, especially if we’re in a subdivision or housing development. Herewith, find our top tips for keeping safe while enjoying fireworks this New Year.

Seek The Right Spot

It goes without saying that fireworks are an outdoor endeavor. But where? You’ll need a wide, clear spot like an expansive backyard or community space away from a lot of homes or buildings. Popular spots include parks, other grassy areas, or lakes.

Keep Your Distance

It bears repeating: Firework administration is an adult enterprise only. Make sure kids are banished to a safe distance away from the launch site. After igniting, quickly back away. This will protect you and also give you the best vantage point to marvel at your handiwork.

Read The Labels

Fireworks are varied, and so are their usage instructions. Read the warning and use labels carefully, so you know exactly what to do in the event of a malfunction, as well as how to get them started at all. This is not a time to ignore the instructions.

Know Your Community

Make sure you’re apprised of not only the laws in your state, but the particular bylaws in your community or city. Talk to neighbors and come to a consensus as to whether or not a firework display is right for your neighborhood. There’s no sense in creating the wrong kind of show.

Dispose Responsibly

Experts recommend wetting each completed firework element down and then trashing it in a metal can away from anything else that might catch fire. Treat the leftovers delicately and responsibly.

Check In With Kids–And Pets

If fireworks in the immediate area are likely to startle small kids or pets, don’t do them. The point is to have fun and to entertain, not to scare. Replace with sparklers or improvise your own ball drop! Better still, get the whole gang together and watch the professionals do their thing.