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5 Landscaping Tips for Spring in Florida

Spring is the perfect season to do your landscaping. If you’re in Florida, having a bright, sunny and inviting landscape is definitely one of the must-do lists. Just by planning ahead, you’ll be able to create a little space of your own that will feel just like home.

 5 landscaping tips for spring in Florida

1) Wait for the right time. We can get a little too excited at the start of the season.  If you begin working on your lawn a bit too early, you might cause harm than good. The main point is preventing cutting off new shoots of grass before they are properly grown.  Even though Florida is a warm-weather state, it can still be chilly in early Spring.  Make sure that you’re able to walk around your lawn without a coat- if the place is warm enough, it’s safe to start working on your lawn.

2) Plant in groups. In order to easily maintain a landscape, begin by putting plantings in groups. Then go ahead and cover your plants with mulch. This way, you’ll be able to mow around one large area of plants, instead of taking the effort of doing it one by one. To save you time, make mulch your buddy.

3) It is advisable to have a tarp on hand as you go about your landscaping. It’s one thing that expert landscapers know. You may also put branches, weeds, and other debris on the tarp which can make clean up as easy and quick as possible.

4) Add lime to your grass. One of the helpful ways to balance pH levels on your plants is simply adding lime.  Before applying it, make sure you’re adding proper chemicals and proper substances. You can do tests if you’d like and figure out the right amount. In this case, it is important to get the right balance.

5) Invest in retaining walls. Retaining walls can save your property, especially if you have uneven ground.  Florida retaining walls can prevent sinkholes, soil slippage, and a number of other landscaping concerns.

What’s your favorite part of landscaping in the Spring?  Let us know in the comments below!