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Future’s So Bright

Since the beginning of 2018, industry experts have been predicting a strong year for construction across the board. Using data gathered from late 2017, sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics emphasized that 30,000 construction jobs were added prior to January 2018, and that construction spending was up to a record 1.257 trillion. They noted that spending was up in all areas of construction, but was especially high in the private construction field.

By all accounts, the market was and is expanding: demand is high, and many of the biggest players in the industry indicated that they would be adding more payroll this year. Two cities in Texas (one of our major markets), Austin and Dallas, are experiencing heightened development, along with several others. There’s no denying it; we’re in the middle of a national building boom.

A report from the World Economic Forum and BCG forecasts that the future of construction relies heavily on how those in the field adapt to technology. Tech is expected to define how construction evolves, and those who already use digital technologies in manufacturing their products are ahead of the curve. The report predicts that environmentally-friendly construction methods will also play a key role in the future of construction.

In all ways, Permacast is poised to do well. As a leader in the precast concrete industry, our walls and fences reflect the trend toward sustainable construction practices and the use of tech for more efficient production. Our methods make use of what’s essentially a natural resource, and none of it is wasted in the process. Because we design our panels in the factory and then assemble on site, our projects go faster and require less manpower and equipment to complete.

Our products may be executed by men and machines, but both are guided by technology. We’re on the cutting edge—pun intended—of the precast concrete movement. Bring on the boom.