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Atlanta Ballistic Resistant Walls

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Precast Concrete Ballistic Walls in Atlanta, Georgia
Level 10 Ballistic Resistant Walls For Substation Security

Atlanta, Georgia, is a hotspot for culture and industry, which means there is no shortage of resources and people to protect. When it comes to protecting your most important investments, trust Permacast Walls and our Ballistic Resistant Wall for substations to do the job right. Not only are our walls an example of our commitment to precision and quality, but they are also the best way to deter and disrupt threats of all kinds. Power grid attacks on substations are on the rise. Permacast Walls helps harden electric utility substations for public power, rural electric cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities across the United States.

Our Ballistic Resistant Wall design meets the Level 10 UL 752 requirements, meaning it can resist a .50 caliber bullet, and passes all Global Ballistic Standards, including ASTM and State Department ballistic standards. Learn more about our ballistic walls for substations here or view our gallery to see our other fence and wall products available to build for your Atlanta concrete wall needs.

We are proud to serve the southeast with concrete walls in Georgia and surrounding states, so no matter where you’re located, you can get the best wall for your needs from Permacast Walls.


All Global Ballistic Standards Pass / Fail
ASTM Ballistic Standards Pass
Australian Ballistic Standards Pass
British Ballistic Standards Pass
Brunswick Ballistic Standards Pass
Canadian Ballistic Standards Pass
European Standard EN 1063 Ballistic Standards Pass
European EN 1522 / 1523 Ballistic Standards Pass
Federal Railroad Administration FRA Ballistic Standards Pass
German DIN Ballistic Standards Pass
MIL-SAMIT Ballistic Standards Pass
National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Ballistic Standards Pass
State Department (SD) Ballistic Standards Pass
Underwriters Laboratory UL 752 Ballistic Standards Pass


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