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The Best Way to Protect Students and Teachers on Campus

School safety has become a growing concern among schools (pre-k through 12th grade), universities, and institutions of higher education. With the rise of violence in schools and a tragic and astonishing number of school shootings in recent years, the question becomes “are schools taking all preventative measures to ensure the safety of our students and teachers?” With the implementation of more stringent security measures, “hardening the perimeter” is one way to increase safety in schools. That’s why the professionals and precast experts here at Permacast are exploring this solution and opting for PermaWalls to help keep students, teachers, and school personnel as safe as possible.

School Exterior

Why Schools Are Vulnerable

Schools and those inside, become vulnerable when the building, sports fields, and playgrounds are easy to access. Without the proper fencing or security, anyone might have the ability to walk up to the building and enter, interact with students, or even position dangerous materials near the school without being noticed. If campuses are large or surveillance is minimal, this could lead to a potential threat.

School playground with metal fence

What Does It Mean to Harden the Perimeter?

One way to increase the security and enhance the safety of a school’s campus is to “harden the perimeter.” This means that the fences or walls surrounding the campus are tall, solid, slick, and provide one entrance. Chain-link fences are a popular safety tool around schools, especially those with playgrounds for small children. These become problematic as they can easily be climbed or jumped over, offer a clear view of the school, and provide direct access to those on the other side of the fence. Putting up a solid barrier and hardening the perimeter is a better way to keep those inside secure.

Permacast Wall in parking lot

How Precast Concrete Walls Provide Security

A great way to harden the perimeter around a school or university is with a precast concrete wall. Precast is a solid, extremely durable, and efficient material to provide security. These concrete walls can help maximize security measures with natural surveillance and make it easier to keep a close watch over the school grounds. With one entrance or access to the school’s campus, the flow of traffic can more effectively be monitored and controlled.


Benefits of Permacast Walls

Permacast offers the best precast walls on the market with the fastest and most efficient production and installation process. With hundreds of miles of installations already perfected, the experts might take only two to four weeks to install a 5,000-foot wall around a school’s campus. In addition to the efficiency and security, Permacast Walls are also aesthetically pleasing. Schools can customize the look of a Permacast Wall to create a soft and natural look that blends into the building’s aesthetic, instead of installing a fence with a cold, harsh, commercial-like appearance.

With a goal of keeping those inside the wall safe and those outside of the wall out, installing a Permacast Wall is one of the smartest ways to do so. Ensure your school’s campus is secured and controlled with maximum safety measures and optimal surveillance. Protect your students, teachers, and school with the help of your friends here at Permacast.