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Go Brilliant Instead of Boring: Tips for Upgrading Your Permacast Wall

Aside from their numerous benefits, including durability, efficiency, and affordability, concrete walls don’t always prove to be the most elegant statement piece on your property. However, the experts here at Permacast are changing the way you look at concrete fences and precast walls. Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your own backyard or brighten up your property in a creative way, we have a few ideas and fun tips to brighten up your Permacast wall.


Painting Outdoor Wall Yellow

Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

Perhaps the easiest way to freshen and liven up your concrete wall is with some paint. Choose a fun and bold color to make your wall stand out as a focal piece for your landscape or select a neutral tone to allow it to seamlessly complement its surroundings. If you are feeling adventurous and in need of a real change, put your artistic abilities to the test or hire a professional to design and paint a beautiful mural that reflects your style.


Beautiful backyard garden in front of concrete wall


Enjoy Creative Gardening

Another timeless way to spruce up your Permacast wall is with lush greenery and flourishing blooms. Call in Mother Nature to help add a rich and lavish feel to your outdoor space by incorporating long flowing vines, full shrubs, luxurious flowers, and bright greenery on and around your wall. Depending on your floral selection, you can create any look and feel from a whimsical garden to a trendy tropical paradise.


Iron decor and hanging flowers on outdoor wall

Install Hooks for Outside Décor

Think outside of the box while you map out a way to install hanging plants or a vertical garden on your wall. This is the perfect way to boost the look of your concrete fence and give it an additional function while keeping it classic and timeless with elements from nature. You can also choose to install romantic lighting on your wall to help illuminate your landscape once the sun sets, or elegant garden décor for additional pizazz.


Blue tile mosaic

Turn It Into Art

In the spirit of embracing your Permacast wall and integrating it into your garden and décor, you can also embellish your structure and turn it into a piece of art itself. From metal works and tile mosaics, your concrete wall is about to be your new favorite artwork. Dress it up further by bringing in a magnificent sculpture, birdbath, or bench to tie your new look together.


Child rock climbing wall

Let the Kids Help

If you have creative or active children, it might be time to get their input on what they think your Permacast wall should look like, or even be. As far as your children are concerned, a big concrete wall is not much fun. However, you can decide that this is the ideal time to transform this blank canvas into a gigantic chalkboard, rock climbing wall, or even an interactive waterfall, depending on how extravagant you want to go.

After a little facelift and reimagination, your Permacast wall will be the talk of the neighborhood. From a little paint to a lot of creativity, give yourself the satisfaction of looking out your window just to marvel at your masterpiece. If you have questions or doubts regarding capabilities and possibilities, reach out to your friends here at Permacast for guidance, tips, and ideas.