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Precast concrete tunnel

Go Underground With Precast Concrete

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the application of precast concrete above ground—whether structural, architectural or somewhere in between—but not about how much it’s doing for us down below.

While we here at Permacast focus our efforts on walls and fences, we have a solid appreciation for how precast supports us from under our feet. The vast infrastructure we can’t see relies just as much on the molding of concrete as do our buildings, bridges and highway areas. You might even say that the underground builds require this approach even more than their above-ground counterparts. Underground work is fraught with challenges, so controlling one piece of that intricate construction puzzle is key.

Everything from sewage pipes to tunnels to storm water drains make use of precast concrete, with most of those designed specifically for underground installation. Basins and manholes, drywells and cisterns are all crucial structures in our modern lives. When they are created by precast, engineers and designers have greater control over the look, quality, shape and size of each piece. Production is efficient and well-regulated, leading to fewer mistakes and faster completion times.


The precast concrete method is behind many of the structures we rely on (and possibly take for granted) the most. These are vital pieces of our infrastructure and way of life; if they fail, we suffer. It makes sense that we turn to one of the most efficient and economical production methods to make these essential parts.