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We talk a lot about all of the benefits of choosing Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls for your next project, and truly, there are many. Between the affordable cost, the aesthetic quality and the precision of production, it’s easy to see why our products are such a great choice. But one of the best reasons for surrounding your next planned community or HOA with a Permacast Precast Concrete fence or wall might not be about aesthetics or price at all. One of the most substantial reasons to choose our products is the safety and security they provide. Keep your homeowners safe and feeling secure when they think about the height, durability, and sustainability our walls and fences provide for their neighborhood. 


Our walls and fences exceed industry standards, giving you and your customers even more peace of mind when it comes to security. With 5-20 foot widths (depending on which product you choose), our walls are virtually impenetrable. They are designed to withstand even the strongest winds, with the highest wind load standards in the country (an important feature during hurricane season in Florida and Texas!). 

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Besides withstanding wind loads, our walls and fences are the most durable on the market. In-house construction means our products are regulated to specific standards with a precision that is unmatched. From the aggregates mixed into the concrete to the final pour, strength and durability are considered at every step in the production process. Whether our products are required to withstand flooding, storms, or other natural disasters, we’re ready and our products will stand up under any kind of weather every time.

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Between the height and width of our walls and fences, residents in your community will enjoy the privacy afforded by our products. Not only will their homes be out of sight from nearby traffic or those outside the community, but noise pollution is reduced by the wall thickness. This provides a peaceful, serene setting that allows the entire community to enjoy their homes, yards and other outdoors areas without concern for their safety. 

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Our products are built to last and there’s simply no compromising that point. Since our walls and fences are created in our facilities under the strictest conditions, the longevity of each panel remains uncompromised. Construction is straight-forward and always on time, and our products last. This means your HOA community will be protected from outsiders, weather, noise pollution and anything else that might try to invade their neighborhood for years to come. 

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Since our process is tried and true, we can sustain our methods of production long-term. We’re not going anywhere. As we continually address environmental concerns, reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials and disturbing surrounding environments as little as possible, we know our company will withstand whatever the future holds. As we grow, the members of your community will continually trust our products and our company as the better option every time. 

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Give your customers, homeowners and community members the safety and peace of mind they deserve. Choose Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls for your next project and discover for yourself the multitude of benefits you’ll enjoy. Assure your primary stakeholders that you care about them, their well-being, their families and their futures when you surround your communities with the safest, most durable walls on the market. To learn more about which of our products will suit your next project best, join us for a Lunch & Learn session. We want to hear about your plans and help you find the product that fits your project perfectly.