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Got Agricultural Precast?

We spend a lot of time here at Permacast talking about precast concrete walls and fences, for obvious reasons, but in this post we’re highlighting agricultural precast. Why? Because it’s just another example of how effective, adaptable, and amazing this material is.

Barns, silos, storage tanks, and more all make use of precast concrete for the same reasons that residential and infrastructure builds do: it’s incredibly durable. Agricultural structures take a lot of abuse. They must stand up to severe weather and are routinely charged with the task of protecting livestock and foodstuffs. These buildings are homes for animals, safeguards for food products, and often help carry out some of our most difficult tasks, like ridding areas of waste or ensuring that products are not exposed to too much air. Precast concrete, because of its ability to be molded and therefore customized, is depended on in agriculture to perform under the harshest of conditions. Even as its seen as an attractive, modern material for home design, precast concrete is still doing the most practical and challenging of jobs: corralling livestock, protecting food, and ferrying away waste.

Since it’s so strong, precast concrete can hold its own under pressurized conditions, against severe weather, and under the influence of heavy machinery, which can bring its own level of wear and tear to a site. Through it all, precast concrete stands the test of time, ensuring that whatever it encloses remains as preserved and safe as possible.