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Green Up Your Home For Summer

Ready to live smarter? Here at Permacast, we’re fans of making choices that are better for the environment. Whether that means using more efficient, energy-friendly processes to build our walls or taking just a few simple measures to make our homes as eco-savvy as possible. We’re on the heels of summer, so it’s the perfect time to institute a few new rules around your place. The planet will thank you.

Shower much? Install a low flow shower head to regulate your water use. Yes, it will cut costs on your bill, but more importantly you’ll be conserving in the process.

Speaking of conservation, a smart meter will give you an accurate digital picture of the gas and electricity consumption in your home. Once you see how you use energy (and where), you can make better decisions about where you can save.

Want big impact but easy? Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. LEDs, CFL, or halogen incandescents are great choices, with a whole host of sizes and watts available. Your energy savings will be small but mighty.

Solar panel systems for the home are an increasingly popular way to majorly enhance your energy savings. This is an investment that will pay off big on your bill, and you’ll also get rewarded with a tax credit for being so future-forward.

Consider making some changes in how you do your laundry. Instead of dryer sheets, use dryer balls made of wool. These will last a long time and give your clothes that crisp, unwrinkled feel without unnecessary chemicals. On nice days, line dry your laundry.

Time to replace that fridge or dishwasher? Opt for an energy saving appliance. These are easily identifiable by the Energy Star label certifying that they will reduce energy use and yet still perform as well (if not better!) than your average appliance.

Don’t forget to institute recycling and composting as additional efforts your household can take to green up your home this spring and summer!