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Precast concrete walls have become a popular and affordable way to enclose gated communities for developers, and we count some of the biggest as our customers, including Pulte Homes, Lennar Homes, KB Homes, DR Horton, and K Hovnanian Homes.

Our PermaWalls appeal to HOA’s and developers with large projects since the more linear feet of wall required and purchased, the more affordable the cost will be. However, PermaWalls are also attractive for smaller projects. As enclosed neighborhoods and gated communities continue to grow and flourish, it is convenient for developers to extend Permacast walls to accommodate the growth.

Installing PermaWalls around communities is where the key features of these concrete structures are best utilized. For instance, noise from a busy highway or a close by city is nothing for residents to worry about as it will not carry through the wall. Permacast walls are an effective way to absorb sound, allow for a free-flowing internet and Wi-Fi connection, withstand winds up to 250 mph, protect residents and their homes from Mother Nature, keep the temperature in the neighborhood a little more controlled, and reduce energy consumption.

HOA’s and developers also have the ability to select the most attractive concrete wall to enhance the aesthetics of the community. With a great variety of textures, colors, and styles to choose from, the overall look of the neighborhood is never compromised. Instead, the appealing designs of PermaWalls become a selling point rather than a deterrent.

Our years of experience, with hundreds of applications of our products, have led us to become industry leaders in precast concrete walls. Because of our efficiency of delivery and installation as well as the high quality of our product, we are the perfect solution for HOA’s and developers looking for an attractive, durable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and affordable wall.