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Holiday Landscaping for Warm-Weather States

Proper landscaping gives your property an elegance that cannot be competed with.  People love seeing seasonal changes, especially when it comes time to spread that Holiday cheer.  If you’re in a warm-weather state, it can be tough to be festive with your property around the holidays.  Adding some flowers in front of your concrete fence panels can really show them off! Landscaping is an important part of your image, and you may be looking to bring some seasonal cheer to your landscaping.

Make Your Concrete Fence Panels Stand Out with Holiday Landscaping

Using the right color scheme and taking into account the climate are essential factors when creating a holiday landscape.  Here are some of the best landscaping tips for warm weather states during the holiday season that we’ve picked up over the years.

Outdoor Decor

What are the best things about the holidays is that there are seasonal items everywhere. When choosing outdoor decor for the holiday season, you want to portray an image that is elegant yet festive.  Christmas lights are a great way to do this. Decorate your trees, topiaries, concrete fence panels, and bushes so that your property lights up at night and shows your festive spirit.  There are also some beautiful colored solar lights available during the holidays- an ideal addition for warm-weather States.  

If you want something different during the daytime, try decorating an arbor with holiday cheer for your outside entrance way.


Florals are a great way to add holiday color to your landscaping.  Snapdragon bloom beautifully in cooler weather, and can provide you with bright colors for your garden.  Pansies also do exceptionally well, and have the perfect red to brighten up your landscaping aesthetic.  Of course, the well-known Christmas plant, the poinsettia, is actually a warm-weather plant. It will provide you with beautiful red Florals and in warm-weather states can flourish to an enormous size.  Zinnia is also a beautiful flower that is drought-resistant.  


Choose bushes with deep and vibrant colors, or bushy greens.  Dianthus offers deep reds, magentas and purples, making it a beautiful complement to your holiday scheme.  Whitewater Acanthus can also be very festive, with cream colored flowers that sprout from the green, leafy bush.

These plants will be perfect for your colorful garden, and provide you with an extra boost of winter colors.

At Permacast, we want to make your property look as stylish as possible.  With our concrete fencing in a variety of finishes, and these landscaping tips, you’ll be the envy of your local community.