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Home Improvement Resolutions For The New Year

How’s your Dear Santa list coming?

We here at Permacast suggest you turn your attention to another kind of list, the kind that may have the word “resolutions” at the top. Only these aren’t promises to eat clean and exercise more; these are commitments to improve your home in the New Year. Instead of shaping up yourself, shape up your place, starting with the interior. Winter is an excellent time to address issues within your home, while spring is the moment to turn your attention to outdoors. That said, your Home Improvement Resolutions list can encompass all four seasons, giving you a plan for revamping your home inside and out over the course of the next year. Behold our top tips for improvement for 2019.

Paint It

Whether you’re tired of your current color scheme and want an instant update, or you’re noticing that your paint is looking a little dingy, putting a new palette on the walls is a relatively inexpensive change. It’s also tons of fun. New paint can have a big impact in any room, but consider bathrooms, entryways, kitchens, and dining rooms great spots for statement-making walls.

Organize It

There are so many organizational systems available (Ikea alone is a clutter-buster’s paradise) and made to fit the various places in your home in need of a storage re-do. How can you better engineer your laundry room, kid’s closet, or kitchen pantry? Got a hall closet that’s slim on space? Spend just a little time measuring and planning, and we promise there’s a system out there to fit your constraints and your budget. Plus, this home improvement tip might feed into a broader resolution about being organized in the New Year. Win-win.

Seal It

Okay, so replacing all of the windows in your home may seem like a gargantuan task, but the benefits are huge. Not only will you enhance the look (and value) of your home, but you’ll be fixing leaks and other compromised areas that literally cost you money every month via your utility bill. The latest materials are also the strongest and the best, ensuring that you won’t have to do this again for a long time (and most likely ever).

Light It

One of the biggest trends into 2019 is Circadian rhythm or human-centric lighting, which is essentially Smart lighting designed to shift its strength alongside the natural light in your home. It’s less abrasive and more intuitive, again going a long way to saving you money by not wasting energy. It may also improve your well-being. If that seems like a lot, install new lights in the bathroom, under cabinets, in ceiling fans, or add recessed ones. Skylights are an amazing addition that can transform a room. And consider adding some solar tech while you’re at it; you will get a 30% tax credit if you install a solar service before December 31, 2019.

Have Fun With It

Pick one project you’ve been dying to do but that isn’t totally necessary. Creative, custom, and DIY projects can go a long way to building character into your home, so move forward with that new back splash,┬ádramatic wallpaper, or family room shiplap.