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Permacast utility security fences and walls for homeland security

Homeland Security Concrete Walls

Protecting the U.S. against terrorism is the goal of Homeland Security. As citizens, is imperative we take measures to secure our properties. In 2013 a group of gunmen fired on the Metcalf Transmission Substation. There was no loss of life, but 17 power transformers were damaged, costing $15 million in repairs. Afterward, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) put in place mandatory physical security standards. Shortly thereafter, the substation replaced the chain link fencing with precast concrete security walls.

Homeland Security Utility Walls

Permacast is one of the best companies in the industry for precast concrete substation security walls. Protect your property, and let us help you prevent the threat of physical harm and theft.


Property Threats

Threats to transmission facilities happen every week, including copper theft. This puts us at constant risk of loss of power. Perpetration is not limited to power facilities, and any value-containing property is at risk. For example, people feel safer in their homes and communities with a wall or fence surrounding their property. Often their fencing is cheap and affords little protection. While camera security systems may help deter crime, they should not be your first line of defense.

Defense Measures

The precast concrete security walls erected at the San Jose substation are an excellent defensive measure. Precast concrete is bullet resistant, and difficult if not downright impossible to scale. It can also withstand hurricane-force winds.

All properties benefit from the installation of precast concrete security walls. From developing communities, businesses, churches, mobile home parks, utility stations, and more.  And because there is no curing time, they can be installed immediately.

In protecting your property, fencing made of precast concrete is the best choice. However, if it is only 4 ft. in height, the security is negligible. Permacast precast concrete security walls can be custom-built up to 16 ft. in height, as well as standard 6ft. and 8ft. security panel options.


In addition to security and weather defense, our precast concrete security walls provide as excellent sound barriers. For HOA’s that may have their communities built near busy highways or noisy facilities, the 8ft. panel option is perfect.

Permacast Walls also provides strongly engineered Retaining Walls. This can help defend against lateral earth pressure behind your property. Our retaining walls can hold up to 4 feet of soil. They can be used alone or have texture applied. Our textures come in Permasand, Permabrick, or Permastone.

Concrete Security Walls

Homeland security measures are necessary for not only local utility facilities, but homes and businesses as well. Plan ahead. ​Don’t wait until your property is at risk. Permacast is competitive, and we can direct ship anywhere in the U.S.  Call today at 888-977-9255 or contact us online today for an estimate on your project.