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How Brick Walls Stack Up Against Precast Concrete When it Comes to Security

Choosing the right fence or wall to ensure your property is secure has everything to do with the building materials. From brick to concrete, sometimes the most secure choice is less obvious than we think. Of course, your friends and experts here at Permacast are sharing their input when it comes to choosing the material that offers durability, resistance against Mother Nature, security, and even attractive designs. Going head-to-head, we explore and weigh out the differences between a brick wall and a precast concrete wall, and answer the question “which one is more secure?”


Cracked brick wall


If you are familiar with precast concrete walls, then you know about their increasingly high level of durability. From being resistant to mold, moisture, and fire, to requiring little maintenance, these walls will protect and secure your property for years to come. Unlike other building materials, concrete walls present zero “sweet spots,” meaning no erosion, tears, or vulnerable sections that could lead to a break-in. Traditional brick walls are also long-lasting and durable. However, the difference comes from the brick’s quality of sand, workmanship, and thickness. In addition, bricks can be broken and destroyed by ordinary tools or even natural wear-and-tear over the years. Precast concrete, on the other hand, requires mechanical means in order to be cut or severely damaged.


Flooded street from severe rain storm


To compare and contrast brick and concrete walls, it is important to take a look at what exactly these materials are made of. Classic red brick is composed primarily of clay, while precast concrete is manufactured from fine aggregates and cement. Both have a great chance of surviving extreme weather conditions and severe storms, but the durability of bricks is dependent upon the region it was manufactured. For instance, if it was constructed in a moist climate, it can be more prone to damage and natural weathering in the same type of humid or damp environment.


Man climbing over brick wall


Due to their solid appearances, both brick and concrete are preferred materials over chain-link or wooden fences as they block any view from the outside. Keeping your property secure begins with eliminating gaps, holes, or ways to see inside your property line and hiding tempting objects that could potentially make you a target of theft or other criminal activity. The difference between a precast concrete wall and a brick wall is present by one’s ability to climb over it or dig underneath it. As bricks provide natural grips and crevasses to hang onto and scramble over, precast concrete is a sleek piece of material offering no grip. In addition, these walls are attached to a solid foundation, which makes it impossible for intruders to get underneath.


Gray concrete wall with attractive wood panels and green


While functionality is the main factor to pay attention to when determining the best type of fence or wall for your property, many people also take into consideration its design and aesthetic elements for multiple reasons. Of course, blending your wall into your landscape or matching the material to your building or home creates an ideal cohesive look. However, there is more to the story regarding the importance of curb appeal when it comes to security. Customizing your wall to make it fit into your property helps create a natural facade rather than shouting your need to protect something valuable hidden on the other side. If this sounds crucial to you, precast concrete walls prove to be more versatile than traditional brick by offering a wide selection of colors, textures, and styles with the ability to paint and enhance after installation.

While brick is certainly a sound choice for securing your property, it does not quite stack up against a precast concrete wall. Although classic brick seems secure on the surface, compared to its concrete competition, it can more easily be damaged by intense weather or everyday tools, and provide less security and design flexibility. The best option for making sure your private residence or public facility can endure both natural storms and criminals, and seamlessly create an attractive aesthetic, is by working with the trusted team here at Permacast. Take a look at our popular wall and fence options to see what best fits your needs.