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How Do I Choose a Fence Style?

When selecting and designing your fence there are many factors that play a role in creating the best one for your home. While color, material, design, style, and size all matter when you look out your window or drive up to your home, there is more to installing a fence than meets the eye. Before you can choose the perfect color, remember the reasons why you are installing a fence in the first place. Are you looking to keep a pet inside, the wildlife outside, block a view or high wind, or increase your security and privacy? The trusted wall and fence experts here at Permacast Walls are sharing all you need to consider when choosing a fence style that is right for you and meets your needs.


Smooth concrete fence around backyard

Privacy & Security

The beauty of installing a fence is that you are able to clearly establish boundaries around your private property. If you are looking for more security and privacy benefits from your fence, select a fence style that has little to no space between boards or lattice that is tightly woven together. However, the best way to secure your property is with a solid material that also provides adequate height with no horizontal rails. This will not only secure your property but deter trespassers from climbing over the fence.


Broken wooden fence


When deciding on a fence style, take a look at how well the material can stack up against Mother Nature. Before making a final decision, ask yourself how often you want to repaint, replace, or simply worry about the damage done to your fence after a storm. When in doubt, go with a fence that has the ability to withstand high winds and rain, as well as snow and ice if you are in the northern region. For most people, less hassle is best when it comes to something as important as the fence around your home or property.


Durable gray concrete fence around grass and sidewalk

Block Wind & Unfavorable Views

Speaking of rain and wind, some people opt for building a fence in order to shield themselves from uncomfortable winds, less than favorable weather conditions, unattractive views, and loud noises. In this case, your fence style will need to not only be durable, but tall enough and positioned properly to block out the bad and contain the good. A solid concrete fence can create a peaceful backyard, sheltered from loud disturbances, even if you are located on a busy street.


Puppy sticking its head through a fence

Keep Pets In & Wildlife Out

If your dog is an escape artist, our Permafence is the way to go. Digging and jumping are no match for this concrete structure. This solid fence will also block any views that might excite your dog or cue them to bark, such as other animals, cars, and pedestrians. Unlike a chain link fence or short picket fence, one that blocks the view of your garden or plants from deer and other wildlife can discourage them from sneaking in. Creating an obstacle that they may not be able to defeat, jump over, or become tempted at what is on the other side can save your yard and create more peace of mind.

After considering a few options and checking the list of what a fence can offer, many people find that a Permafence is just what they need. With its durability, security, and affordability, as well as light and clean design, it is an ideal fit for almost any home or housing development. If you are still undecided, or perhaps ready to select fence textures and color, the professionals at Permacast Walls are ready to lend a hand.